Cancer Wellness at The Ice House Ballina

In 2013, as many of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer. It isn’t something I mention all that often on the blog. The Beautiful Truth was started as a distraction from being sick. My blog has always been my escape. My cancer free space. It was and still is my place to talk about stuff […]

Blogger mail: The good, the bad and the ugly

As a blogger, I am fortunate enough to try out a lot of new products every month. Somethings I love, some a bit meh and others are just not great at all. With so much product coming through the door, I don’t always find the time to write individual blog posts reviewing everything I get. In […]

The Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

Finding clothes to wear while pregnant can be tough. Your body is constantly changing shape and size. Throw in the fact that in Ireland we can experience 4 seasons in one day, it is hard knowing what to actually buy. How much you want to spend on maternity clothes comes down to personal preference and […]

Pestle and Mortar Erase and Renew Double cleansing system

They say not all products are created equal and when it comes to cleaners this is definitely true. I have been through my fair share of cleansers since starting The Beautiful Truth, some were awful and some great. However, nothing has blown me away the way the Pestle and Mortar Erase and renew Double cleansing system […]

Nude Lipstick for every budget

I love a good nude lipstick. Something easy to wear, yet a lipstick that gives a wow finish. I have picked out my 10 most used nude lipsticks from the past few months for today’s post. One thing I will add is that for the most part I wear a lip liner with these lipstick. […]

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette Tutorial and review

If you follow any of my social media, you will have heard me talk about this palette again and again. The Violet Voss Holy Grail palette, is one of those palettes that has taken the hearts of many a beauty lover. When you look at it, it is not hard to see why. The Violet […]

Brand Spotlight: Cocoa Brown

For this month’s brand spotlight, I decided to focus on a brand that almost everyone has heard of and one that I absolutely love. Cocoa Brown! Cocoa Brown have a considerable amount of products in their range, so I thought I would pick out a few of my favourites to feature in my brand spotlight series.  […]

Current Makeup Favourites

It is a very long time since I have recorded a monthly favourites. In fact I would nearly go as far as to say it has been two years!! With life getting in the way, YouTube fell to the wayside. However, 2017 is the year I am getting back on the YouTube horse and bringing […]

Spring time makeup

Chill Insurance asked me “Do you prefer to stay in or go out during the winter months?” During the winter I barely budge from the couch. My routine consists of pyjamas, fluffy slippers and face masks! However, as soon as March hits, I begin to get an itch to become somewhat of a social butterfly […]

Hit, miss and maybe : Eyeshadow palettes

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I have a serious problem. When I see a new palette release, there is like a switch goes off inside me and I am not right until I buy it! It is actually an illness! As a result, I am very picky as to what I want from a […]

Blank Canvas Master Series One Palette Tutorial

I am not normally one for tutorials. In fact, I tend to avoid them like the plague. I often feel that my lack of qualifications in makeup, makes me hold back in showing how I apply my makeup. However, I’ve come to the realisation, that qualifications are not a big deal for things like youtube. So […]

L’Oreal Infallible 24hour Matte foundation review

The L’Oreal Infallible Matte 24 hour foundation has been on my radar for quite a while now and if I am honest. I actually avoided buying it. I think the fact that the word matte was in the name turned me off, as I was afraid it was going to be very drying on my […]

Under the radar products

The beauty world is a fickle place. Often there are products that receive a lot of attention and hype. Sometimes this attention and hype is justified and other times not so much. Then you have products, that perform like a dream and yet get little to no attention from the online beauty gurus and makeup fans. […]

Jane Iredale So Bronze Bronzing powder 01

As a beauty blogger, there are a lot of products that land on my makeup table to try. Some I love, some  are ok and some I wouldn’t be overly fond of. However, it is very rare that a product that I have heard absolutely nothing about before, comes and completely blows me away. Yet […]

Cocoa Brown Tanning wipes

As a beauty lover, it pains me to admit, that when it comes to developing tan, I am an absolute disaster. No matter how careful I am, I always make an absolute mess of it. It is either patchy, too dark, streaky and don’t even get me started on the hands! I know I have […]

Brand Spotlight : Benefit Cosmetics

I’ve decided that it is about time I started a new blog series on The Beautiful Truth. For the next few weeks/months, I am going to focus on my favourite products from different brands. I will also throw in a clanger or two if there are items I am not overly fond of by a […]

The Thyroid, The Cervix and The Lovely Baby

It has taken me a long time to sit down and try to put this story into words. There are so many reason why I have avoided writing this post. Firstly I have absolutely zero medical experience just my own journey.Which made me a little nervous about sharing medical information. Secondly this story, while a […]