baby travel

Travelling with a baby

When I booked my holidays I had visions of a laughing baby and daddy in the pool, while mammy sipped on a cocktail at the side of the pool reading her book. Family dinners where the baby would sleep peacefully in his buggy, while we chowed down on the local delicacies. Nothing could honestly have prepared me for what it is really like going on holidays with a baby! While away I had a number of messages from mammies asking me to give my insight into traveling with a baby. I am by no means an expert in the area, but if my tips of tricks can help even one…


From one Mammy to another

Dear Mammy to be, Congratulations on your pregnancy! It really is such a special time for you and your family. It may not be the easiest time in your life, but every morning spent clinging to the toilet bowl, or night spent gulping Gaviscon is worth it for those little kicks that surprise you every single day. Your first pregnancy really is so special and at the same time, terrifying. Everything is so new. Everything is so unknown and yet every second should be savoured. I have tried to write this post about 20 times! Each time I get half way through, I end up pressing the delete button as…

baby fashion

The Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

Finding clothes to wear while pregnant can be tough. Your body is constantly changing shape and size. Throw in the fact that in Ireland we can experience 4 seasons in one day, it is hard knowing what to actually buy. How much you want to spend on maternity clothes comes down to personal preference and budget. Personally, I bought a number of cheap and cheerful items, as I knew I would be sick of looking at them come the end of my pregnancy. With that in mind, I have picked out a number of items which I found useful and helped me through my pregnancy in comfort. Jeans There are…

baby cancer

The Thyroid, The Cervix and The Lovely Baby

It has taken me a long time to sit down and try to put this story into words. There are so many reason why I have avoided writing this post. Firstly I have absolutely zero medical experience just my own journey.Which made me a little nervous about sharing medical information. Secondly this story, while a part of my life and something the made me stronger, I kinda want to forget some of it. Finally, I actually didn’t know how I was going to document this story. How was I going to detail what happened and not over complicate things? There is just so much to tell! However, overtime even though…


The first time parent starter kit

Knowing what to buy for a new baby is an absolute minefield. It constantly seems that you’re chasing your tail and missing out on an “essential”. Everyone has an opinion on what you need and what you can and can’t live without. Sometimes it seems unless you have the right highchair, stylish nursery set or kit yourself out with the latest gadgets , you’re really depriving your baby!! Before our baby was due, a good friend of mine sat me down and told me exactly what I needed to buy for the baby, without buying any extra frilly little bits. Of all the advice I received before Conor arrived, this…