Going nude and loving it

DSC_3502So here’s the thing. Never, ever, ever, go shopping with a beauty blogger. I mean ever!! Your bank balance won’t be the better for it. Last Saturday I went shopping with Kat from Sophistikat.ie and to say she was an enabler would be an understatement. However, I regret nothing!! Of course I need 5 nude lipsticks and a lip pencil. If they had of had the colours I wanted in stock,  there would have been even more in this haul.

I have only recently gotten into the nude lipstick thing and before this haul I only owned 2 nude lipsticks. I mean that’s shameful for a beauty blogger. So when it boils down to it, I really did need 5 new nude lipsticks in my life and for today’s post I am gonna give you a little sneak peak at what I got.

Mac Creme Cup

DSC_3510I initially went into Mac to buy Hue, but when I saw Creme cup I just couldn’t leave it in the shop. I mean it would have been a sin to do that.  Creme Cup is a favourite of many beauty lovers and it is not hard to see why. This is a creme sheen lipstick that feels quite creamy on first impression. It is a blue toned pink nude colour, which makes it perfect for Irish skin. Can’t wait to get this on my lips. Mac lipsticks cost €19.50

NYX Tea Rose

DSC_3541I have been on the hunt for a NYX stand for ages now. So when I finally found one in Foody’s on Harcourt street, I spent ages picking out colours I really liked. On first swatch of Tea Rose it was love at first sight. The pigmentation of this lipstick when swatted is unreal. Granted I haven’t gotten it on my lips now, but my god it packs a punch colour wise when swatched. It also feels incredibly creamy. This is a pink nude colour, with what seems to be a satin finish. All the NYX round lipsticks cost €5.99

NYX Summer love

DSC_3556This was the lipstick I actually went into town to buy and managed to come out with 5! Summer love is said to be an identical dupe for Mac Hue. I love a good dupe and considering this only cost €5.99, it was considerably cheaper then the €19.50 price tag of a Mac lipstick. This is described as a beige colour with a hint of soft pink.

NYX Thalia

DSC_3568It is only since buying this, that I have realised it seems to be a bit of a cult favourite. How had I not heard of this before? When I swatched this on my hand in the pharmacy, both myself and Kat let out a little “ooooooh”. It was so pretty! It is a nude mauve colour, that like Tea Rose packs a serious amount of pigment. I have however read that it doesn’t have the greatest lasting power, so it will be interesting to see how I get on with it. I have also heard that this is a good dupe for Mac brave.

The Balm – Mai BillsBePaid

DSC_3530This was a complete impulse buy, but the minute I swatched this, I couldn’t leave it behind. I have serious FOMO going on. When I went to Foody’s on Harcourt street for NYX and saw they stocked The Balm, I nearly keeled over. This stuff is so hard to get and it was such a pleasure to play with them in real life. The Balm describe this as a velvety nude, but I would say it is a pinky nude. It seems I am following a trend here when it comes to picky out nude lipsticks. It feels creamy and looks fairly pigmented. One thing I have noticed on first impressions is the smells. Sweet baby J it is divine. I would nearly eat it. This lipstick cost €13.50 in Foodys, but can be bought here for €14.50.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

DSC_3592Considering I bought 5 nude lipsticks, it would be sacrilege not to buy a nude lip liner. I mean I can’t go around with unlined lips now can I? When Mac Whirl and NYX mauve were out of stock, Kat told me that I needed to have the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk in my life. Considering Kat has never steered me wrong when it comes to makeup yet, I took her word and got it. I have a feeling that this could work with quite a few of the lipsticks I bought, So really even though it cost €22, I had a voucher and I am going to get so much use out of it, making it a bargain!!

swatchNow that I have gone to the nude side, I am finding myself not loving my bright lips as much. A lot of that boils down to the fact that it is hard work wearing a strong lip with braces. The amount of times I have stained my braces with lipstick is unreal and trust me, it is not an appealing look.





  1. says

    I LOVE nude lippies! Thalia is gorgeous, it goes great with the “Ever” liner (dupe for MAC Spice). I have far more nudes than colours. Wet n Wild have some amazing budget nudes that last for ages! Just got Estee Lauder Crystal Baby & Irresistible today, I rue the day I ever discovered the BT website. If you’re talking Charlotte Tilbury, Hepburn Honey is fab, as is Bitch Perfect & Confession x

  2. RAraGigGles blog says

    Love these!! Must pay that Pharmacy a visit next time I am in Dublin! Can I get yourself & Kat to bring me shopping?! #enabling

  3. Anne says

    Would love to know how these NYX alternatives work out, am hooked on mac but really cant afford it anymore (cue uncontrollable sobbing!) so please let me know!!!

  4. Lisa says

    Hi there, where can I buy the charlotte Tilbury range? I’ve never heard of it before…
    Going out to purchase the Mac creme cup ☺️ love your blog x

  5. leanne@blatherandbeauty.ie says

    I need to get MAC Creme Cup and Lady Danger. I own very little lipsticks but I think I would get lots of wear from them. You picked up some great stuff.

  6. emma says

    Hi Sinead brilliant somewhere that stocks nyx AND the balm! i cannot get the mary loumaniser anywhere and its sold out on feel unique and cloud10. did u notice in Foodys did the have the mary lou? xx

  7. Ida says

    Just came across your blog – I love it! And thanks for the link to cloud10beauty, just ordered Mai Bills Be Paid! Can’t wait to get it. So hard to find theBalm for reasonable prices online!

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