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Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 21.45.56Unless you have lived in a cave over the past few months, you will have noticed that the latest in luxury hair extensions from the pioneering Gold family have recently launched onto the Irish market. Since the Gold Fever launch , it seems that every time I logged onto social media I was faced with pictures of long luscious locks that would leave you green with envy.  Gold Fever have quite literally taken the hair market by storm. Like many of you, I am always a little sceptical when a new brand launches with such noise. So is the hype surrounding these premium extensions really all that?

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Long time readers of the blog will know, I have had my ups and downs when it comes to hair extensions.When it came to getting my new set of extensions, I wanted to make sure that I had the best extensions out there for the wedding. When I went for my consultation with hair extensions expert Rachel from Shush hair, I was a little nervous when she suggested Gold Fever. I didn’t know anyone who had worn these extensions before and I don’t know about you, but celebrity endorsements don’t really wash with me. I prefer to hear what regular women think about something ( no disrespect to the gorgeous celebrities who have worn Gold Fever) . I debated over and over again, should I just go with what I know work for me, or should I trust Rachel and go with Gold Fever. To help with my decision, Rachel showed me the Gold Fever hair along side other high end brands. I didn’t think there would be much of a difference, but the Gold Fever hair felt fair more superior in quality. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that these were the extensions for me.

So I know so many of you are wondering just what makes Gold Fever different. Are extensions not all just the same kind of thing?

What makes Gold Fever stand out above and beyond other extensions is the fact that Gold Fever have complete control over the manufacturing of the hair extensions. All Gold fever hair is ethically sourced and is in fact hair that Indian woman donate to their temple, who then sell it on to fund the building of schools and hospitals. As Gold Fever are involved at every single stage, there is no middle man, which results in a far superior hair quality than anything I have used before. Ladies I kid you not, I wouldn’t have believed that there was better hair out there than what I had worn before, but when I felt Gold Fever I was blown away.

In my opinion, what gives Gold Fever hair the edge on it’s competitors, is the quality of the hair. Gold Fever hair is the same thickness from top to bottom. It can happen with extensions that the hair tapers off at the bottom, and is less thick at the bottom, but this is not the case with Gold Fever. Gold Fever hair is seriously thick the whole way down. I now have an absolute mane of hair. I know I am waxing lyrical about these extensions, but ladies I am genuinely shocked with just how good the quality of the hair is.

IMG_9997Even though I have a serious amount of hair, styling is very easy. It takes me about 10 minutes to curl my hair and about 15 to dry it. Not only that, it holds a style for a few days meaning I can get a few days out of curling my hair. The only down side to doing my hair, is the fact I have to wash it with sulphate free shampoo. This is the same for all bonded extensions, but I really am not a fan of sulphate free shampoo as it doesn’t lather as much and as a result it takes a little longer to wash it. Small price to pay really.

Gold Fever hair can also be cut and coloured like regular hair, but when getting your hair coloured or cut, I would suggest that you go back to the salon that applied them, as they have been trained in how to work with Gold Fever hair.

IMG_9183When I tell people that I am wearing hair extensions, they always ask if the bonds damage your hair and thankfully the answer is no. Gold Fever are applied to the hair using protein tip technology.  The protein tips in fact protect your own hair and allow it to grow healthily while you’re wearing the extensions. These protein tips are also extremely discrete, meaning that unless you look very closely in the hair, they are fairly undetectable.

Gold Fever come in a variety of lengths and colours. It always baffles me how easily Rachel can blend a number of colours with my own hair to give a really natural look. If you have blonde hair you need not worry, as the quality of the blonde hair is exceptional. I had 5.5 packets of 18 inch applied, but not everybody needs this much. Rachel will be able to best advice you on how many packets you need when you have your consultation.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 21.48.17Gold Fever is exclusive to only a number of salons at the moment, but I can’t recommend Rachel in Shush enough. There is nothing that this lady doesn’t know about extensions. In fact Rachel was only recently in Cannes training hairdressers in a fabulously high end salon how to apply Gold Fever. I can put my hand on my heart and promise you that any extensions Rachel applies will be beyond perfect, as she is a serious perfectionist when it comes to application. Not only that, but she is an absolute sweetheart and her salon is absolutely gorgeous!!

Ladies I honestly can’t rave about Gold Fever enough. These extensions are worth every bit of hype and more. I have a mane of hair that would even make Rapunzel jealous. I am seriously a little obsessed with my hair. If I take good care of them by making sure the bonds are dried fully and I use sulphate free shampoo, they will last 5-6 months. Once I am finished with this set, I will be getting Rachel to apply my next set straight away. I have 100% got the ( Gold) Fever.








  1. Geraldine says

    Great review- I agree totally with you with regard to Racheal she is fantastic at what she does. I will have my first set of extensions which were applied by Racheal in 6 months on 16th June – willl definitely be getting my second set done and will go with gold fever this time.

  2. Carly says

    Hey Sinead what is the price of the full head of extensions you got? Are they cheaper than great lengths?? Thanks xx

  3. says

    great review, they look amazing. So thick and healthy looking.
    Have you tried ALFAPARF sulphate free range?? It’s gorgeous. The nutritive shampoo and treatment is excellent and leaves the hair really fresh.

  4. Zara says

    Hi Sinead,

    I am wondering is there a huge difference between the great lengths and gold fever. On my second set of great lengths which I love!! Is the same level of care required special brush etc.

    • Sinead K says

      i loced Gl and to be fair for the most part they are the same, but there is genuinely a difference in the quality. I wouldn’t have believed it only that I have felt them side by side. the gold fever hair is a better quality of hair. The bond is also slightly different and meant to be better but i don’t really know too much about that. Same after care, sulphate free shampoo and special brush. I use my GL brush

  5. says

    Thanks for this review! I have been getting Great Lengths in for years but really thinking about getting these ones in, want to do my research as I would have to travel down to Dublin from Belfast. I really love Great Lengths but I do think these sound like they are much better quality.

  6. Laura says

    Hi Sinéad,

    I love your hair extensions, they look fab! I was just wondering how do you find them when you want to tie up your hair? Are they discreet enough to do this or are you limited to wearing your hair down every day?

    • Sinead K says

      The bond is so tiny you don’t notice them at all. Ive had mine in 5 months now and the odd bond shows because they are so far down my hair with growth. Honestly they are great extensions

      • Zara dWane says

        Have had both as well and I’m on my first gold fever. I prefer them too as find them silkier and hold curl better I find as well they don’t get as tangled near the bond if that makes sense 🙂 I feel I don’t have to separate them out as much.

  7. kasia says

    Hi Sinead,
    Have you gone back to the same salon to get them reapplied since you posted this? I’m thinking of getting Gold Fever and want to make sure I chose well before Ii decide who to go to. My hair is way thinner than yours so I just want to add a little volume. I also heard that Gold Fever is going out of business…?

    • Sinead K says

      I’ve had the reapplied here a few times. Honestly Rachel is excellent. As for gold fever going o of business. Thereally was a few weeks where they had to stop due to some legal stuff but now they are back up and running and not going anywhere thank god. I’ve no extensions in at the minute because of the baby but they are 100% going back in in November. I’m lost without them


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