Great Lengths hair extensions

For years I have been nothing short of obsessed with Great Lengths hair extensions. I remember the first time I heard about them on the E channel and how they were described as the Bentley of hair extensions. I fell in love, with the volume and bouncy hair that you get from these extensions. There are so many celebrity fans of Great lengths, including Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole and Heidi Klum. While I have always had good hair, I lacked volume and when I was sick last year, I made the decision that once I got the all clear, these extensions would be mine.

Great lengths celebrities

The first step in getting Great Lengths is consultation.Your consultation not only allows your hairdresser to pick the colour of the hair to order, but also decided on what type of look you are going for and how much it will cost. Two weeks before I got my extensions  ( you can pick a time closer to application) , I went to meet the hairdresser who sat me down and chatted about what look I wanted to achieve. For me it was all about the volume. I wanted big swishy hair, that would make you cry with envy and beauty. I had blonde in the ends of my hair, and while I dyed over it kept fading up. She promised me that this wouldn’t be a problem and to make the hair look natural and textured, she would put in 3 different colours in my hair, 2 browns and a caramel colour. I decided to go with 30cm extensions, as I am only 5 foot 1 and anything longer might make me look like a hobbit.

During application

On the day of application I was so beyond excited, but at the same time a little bit nervous. This was a big change. I had never tried anything like this before. From the minute I stepped into the salon, I knew that I was doing the right thing. To begin, my hair was washed 3 times with the Great Lengths  cleansing shampoo to remove any oils or residue products. My hair was dried off and the application process began.  Great Lengths differ from all other hair extensions, not just because they use the best quality, ethically sources Indian hair, but because of the bond that is used. Great lengths extensions use keratin bonds to apply the hair. Keratin is the same substance that is found naturally in our hair. It is applied to the hair using hot and cold heat. The hot heat only touches the bond, while the cold heat touches your hair. This means that there is no heat at all being applied to your hair and therefore no damage. The bonds are absolutely tiny. You can’t see them in the hair unless you go search and even at that they are so well blended into the hair. Seriously you can’t notice them at all. You can’t feel them on the head either and due to the fact that they are not applied tightly to the scalp they don’t hurt one bit.

Hair before and after application

The extensions last up to 6 months if you take care of them properly. For the first 48 hours you can’t wash your hair, so that the bonds have time to settle. After that you should try to wash your hair with the Great Lengths shampoo and conditioner, brush your hair at least twice a day with the special great lengths brush and make sure your hair is tied up going to bed so that the bonds don’t twist. Sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. These extensions actually take the hassle out of doing your hair. While your hair takes a little longer to dry, due to the volume, Great Lengths style so easily and they hold the style for days. If I wash my hair on Monday and put a loose curl into it with the wand, the curl will hold in the hair until Wednesday. You can lash your hair up in a pony and when you take it down, it still looks perfect!! I can’t do justice to how amazing this is. I keep catching my self looking in the mirror in awe and how well the hair looks two days after washing it!

When the hairdresser was finished applying all the hair and added a curl to my hair with the GHD, I was bowled over with how the hair looked. Lets be honest, I had been through a pretty bad year, and had felt that I looked like rubbish. When I looked in the mirror in the salon, I was so taken aback. The hair was absolutely gorgeous. Like I mean movie star gorgeous. I couldn’t get over that this was mine.   I feel confident again and I haven’t felt like this is a very long time. I know it is only hair, but seriously, if your hair isn’t right, it can ruin your day. I wake up every morning afraid that I dreamt about it.

Styling hair myself

Ok so let’s talk about price. The price of these extensions differ from person to person. The amount of hair each person needs differs and therefore the price differs. They aren’t as expensive as you think and while they do cost a few hundred euro, they are so worth it. I know I say that a lot, but honestly these are worth every single cent and when mine come out in 6 months I will without doubt be getting them in again. There are other extensions that are cheaper, but not only will they have to be reapplied after 3 months, but they can damage your hair. Great lengths last much longer, and will not do one bit of damage to you hair.

I adore my Great Lengths and will absolutely be getting them again and again and again



  1. says

    Thank you for your reply. I got great lengths done in Galway in late september but after six week some of the bonds started falling out from the root. I have lost around 15 bonds this way. Is this a normal way for bonds to fall out? Ann

      • sINEAD says


        Just wondering has anyone experienced their hair extensions drying out? I have Gold Fever extensions and every time I was my hair I use the Great Lengths shampoo, a hydrating conditioner and the Kerastase Elixir oil on the ends. I try to avoid using heat, let my hair dry naturally and maybe straighten it once every two weeks. But the hair extensions have gone so coarse and knotty at the ends! I only have them in two months! Im going to but a treatment in over the weekend, hopefully that helps

        • Sinead K says

          Sinéad just one or two things that might help. You should always make sure to blow dry the bonds. never let them dry naturally as they will break down and won’t last as long. Aviod the GL shampoo its crap and leaves the hair dry. I use the keratase sulphate free and its brilliant. It leaves the hair really soft. Use heat on the hair. I do every day, but just make sure it is on a lower hear. if you’re using a treatment, avoid the bonds as again it will break them down

  2. Kerry says

    My only worry is I need to wash my natural hair every other day, every three days maximum. Is that too often? Thank tou! X

  3. maura says

    Hi, iv had great lengths in my hair for just over 3 months now and about 4 have fallen out. Is this normal?

    Thank you

  4. Rachel Keating says


    I love your blog and have been following you for a good few months now – thank you for your honest opinions about products and treatments ☺️

    I am considering getting hair extensions put in this month. I have never had them before and I am torn between Gold fever and Great lengths… Which would you consider the best?!

    My wedding is in 7weeks and I plan on getting them in in 4weeks!

    I live in London and my usual hair salon does the great length extensions.


  5. J True says

    I really need to get an idea on cost. I had 80 gL extensions and it costs $900 which seems very pricey for just the extensions and very basic cut. Mine didn’t last very long either 3 months max and the hair grew out and the bonds looked weak. I tried again and they looked great at first, but then I started losing hair and the bond weakened again – I brush with the proper brush and usualy get blow outs when I go out and ensure they use my brush, etc. I thought air drying was better for them if you want to wear it curly

    I really can’t afford $900 every 3 months and would love an alternative or a way to get more cost effective with these so I can continue them. Also,are there many length options or just one? . Mine have always been the longer ones, but then I have my color cut girl . Does the price normally include color and cut. It’s hard to discern recommendations. My girl is super nice, but just very pricey it seems?? I can’t imagine them lasting 6 months.

  6. Sarah says

    Hi Sinead, I have my great lengths 2 months and 4 have fallen out already. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing. I saw in a previous post you said you lost 2 but it was your own fault. What did you do to lose them? Should I go back? If hair is very silky do they not hold the bond as well?


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