Holy Grail Products

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Holy Grail Products

STOP!!! If your will power is not strong, then this is not the post for you because for today’s post I am going to fill you in on all of my absolute favourite products.

While I am constantly trying out new products, I have a number of products that I fall back on again and again. Products that I have repurchased a number of times and I know that they will always work out for me, especially when I just don’t have the time to worry about how my makeup is going to look.


Inglot Brow gel

While I have included a whole pile of products in this video, there were so many more that I could have included.For example the Inglot Brow gel, is hands down the best brow product I have ever used. While it has only recently come into my life, I can’t see myself being without it. I just loved the defined look that it gives my brows and how easy it is to use. Saying that, a very light hand is needed because this gel is unbelievably pigmented and nobody wants to look like they have taken a permanent marker to their brows!!

Oh and don’t get me started on lipsticks. I think I could do a whole video on my favourite lipsticks, but Mac Fauz, Brave, Velvet Teddy and Ruby Woo would have to be up there with my favourites!!

I would love to know what your Holy Grail products are? I love how what can be a god send for one, can be a nightmare for another!!!





  1. Annette says

    Sinead. You are going to cost me a fortune with your holy grail products. Love the blog, and love snapchat. ❤️

  2. Anne Maria smith says

    Terrific review. Was already thinking about a few of the products…but mind now made up to buy them ! Could you tell me who makes the highlighter Champagne Pop?


    Anne Maria

  3. says

    I am dying to try that brow gel, I am a complete HD brows palette addict but this is one I am willing to try! Great post

  4. Laura says

    Hey Sinead where did u buy that make up palette from.. And can you do a video on how to de-pod Mac eyeshades pleasee?

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