June Favourites and Giveaway

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 23.57.20Ok seriously. Where did the month of June go? In fact where did the first half of this year go. For me this has been the fastest school year since I started teaching. I feel the year has just run away from me.

June was a very busy month for me. Between wedding planning, blogging, school reports and correcting tests, I haven’t had a second to myself. I did however have time to find a few new products to stick into my favourite. In fact there is even something in this month’s favourites that has holy grail potential!!

I am hoping that over the next few months, with regular updates I can grow the YouTube page, the way the blog and Facebook page have grown. I am hoping to filming more now that my braces are off, as they did stop me recording quite a bit. Even though YouTube still scares the living daylights out of me, I am beginning to enjoy it.

This month’s favourites, is not just about all my favourite items that I have used in the past month, but if you watch until the end of the video, there is even a little giveaway.

Hope you guys enjoy

Sinéad xx


  1. Susanne Dwyer Melia says

    Love this. Always so great to get an HONEST opinion. Love to see some bargain products!

    BEST OF LUCK on your wedding day x

  2. dawn Obrien says

    great video! would like more of the same, but maybe a tad shorter as my internet is brutal and it struggles for long periods! xx

  3. Helen o connell says

    Love the blogs and addicted to snapchat.
    Keep doing what you are doing – love the snaps from Florida.
    New products would be great.

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