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DSC_0044I have never before been as excited to try an eyeshadow palette as I was with the Lorac pro palette. The Lorac pro palette is a much talked about, much hyped, and much loved palette among many beauty bloggers. It is a said to be a must have for any beauty lover and a great palette to suit everybody. Sadly since getting my hands on it in July, I have been decidedly underwhelmed by this palette.

DSC_0046The Lorac pro palette consists of 8 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades. Each colour has a reasonable amount of product and the palette is very lightweight, thin and travel friendly. The palette contains a large mirror and comes with a decent size primer in the box.

DSC_0052The quality of the shadows in the Lorac pro palette are excellent. They are extremely pigmented and there is excellent colour payoff. Some of the matte shadows are a little chalky, but the shimmer shadows are like butter.I am a big fan of matte shadows, so it was good to see so many in one palette. So if they are that good, what is the problem I hear you ask?



Well for me, the problem with this palette is the colours themselves.The colours range in shades from the very light to the very dark and are said to compliment each other. I disagree with this completely. While every other blogger on the planet seems to love the colours in this palette, I just find them very hard to work with on my skin tone. Every single time I use them and try to create a look, all the colours seem to blend into each other and tend to look very muddy. I have tried different combination, different brushes and still I get the same thing. One or two of the colours, such as Garnet and Gold work well on their own, but there is absolutely nothing about this palette that blows me away.  I have tried it again and again. Each time I hear someone raving about it, I pull it out and give it another go, only to get the same result.



I have held off writing this review for months, as I neither love nor hate this palette. I do however feel that this palette is incredibly over hyped and it is not as perfect as everyone is saying it is. I find the colours don’t suit my pale Irish skin. On the plus side, for those of you that do want to try this, as I do know this will suit some of you and you will love it, you can now get Lorac products direct to Ireland form Amazon.com and I believe the customs is paid at the check out , so no need to worry about a surprise bill on arrival.

lorac pro

Looks creates with Lorac Pro

If you have tried the Lorac pro Palette I would love to hear how you got on.






  1. aNN says

    Hey Sinead,

    What lippie are you wearing in the set of the last four photos on the Lorac pro review page?

    I need the red one in the third picture from the left in my life asap 🙂

    Ann x

  2. Bluecraneglam says

    I have not even bothered with this palette. I have all of the basic and naked palettes from Urban Decay plus a few of the more colourful ones. I love them and I know they work for me. I love the colours and the texture of them so much. I really didn’t see the point of spending more money on the Lorac palette when I can achieve the same looks with my Urabn Decays.

  3. says

    Thanks so much for the review I was really debating on whether to get this as as you say, so many hype it up! I think i’ll leave this one for now!x

  4. Grace O'Malley says

    You know I had the exact same experience and this is the first review I’ve found to agree!

    I love the feel of the shimmery shades, one little rub and my brush picks up so much product, but the colours themselves are just not particularly pleasing and they make me look really washed out. Like a bit aunt sally, you know? Maybe it’s the Irish translucent skin!

    I love the mattes from the Smashbox full exposure one. I’ve bought the Narsissist and this Lorac one since and it’s so ironic that the one available up the road in Arnotts is the most reached for. I hate to admit it, tbh!

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