Most disappointing products from 2014

DSC_3457In 2014 I tried some amount of new products. With the amount of products I tried, I am bound to find a few that just didn’t work out for me. While I love to tell you guys about the products that worked for me, I also think it’s important to give you an insight into what didn’t work for me.

It is worth noting, that just because something didn’t work out for me, doesn’t necessarily make it bad. It just means that I didn’t like it and while I do go on a rant or two in this video, some of the products still have good points to them. Sadly some of them are just not good at all!

I would love to hear if you have tried any of the products in this video and how they worked out for you. I would also love to hear what products disappointed you in 2014.

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  1. lorna says

    Hi you mentioned you are looking for a cheaper foundation. I personally love vichy dermablend. I find it better than anything I have ever used. It is heavy but use a small amount and coverage is absolutely fabulous. Really enjoyed your blog 😉

  2. Shelly says

    Sinead, what foundation are you wearing in the video…’s fab on you. Also what do you think of the Armani Luminous Foundation and what shade do you wear??? Thanks. Love your posts xx

    • Sinead K says

      ive Mac pro long wear on in this video. I wear nc 30, but during the day nc 25. I like luminous silk but I keep getting samples as I haven’t decided if i like it enough to splash out €45. I wear 6.5 in it

  3. says

    I stopped using the collection 2000 under my eyes, it’s just to cakey with even fine lines. Its great for spots though, stays on great! I discovered a foundation through my sister it is by Catrice, under 10 euro. Nude illusion it’s called, I bought all 3 shades. It oxidised a little bit on me but I got the colour mix right. Wears lovely x

  4. donna Irwin says

    I found with so many foundations no matter the price I couldn’t find a good day make up that wouldnt go patchy until I fell across rimmel 25 hour lasting finish it’s amazing and stays on perfectly all day. Really would very lost without it ☺


    I recently bought Seventeen Stay Time foundation for just over €8 in boots and it is an exact dupe for the mac pro longwear I used to wear that cost so much more! So happy I found it

  6. Zineb says

    I had the same problem with those concealers , I have awful dark circles all year around and I struggle to find a good concealer for them , but those 2 gave me lines even though I’m only 20 years of age how is that possible

  7. KAREN says

    Great video. I completely agree with your views on the collectios concealer. Really wanted to like it but I can’t. Brutally disappointing.

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