Mr Beautiful Truth : 10 reasons why it’s hard work living with a beauty blogger

Ever wanted an insight into the life of a beauty blogger? Well for today’s post Mr Beautiful Truth has given us his top 9 reasons why it is hard working living with a beauty blogger.

Make-up f*cking everywhere!

My house looks like it was attacked by a makeup terrorist. I am constantly reminded of the atrocities by the makeup left on doors, light switches and even pillowcases. I believed Sinéad in vain when she told me, “OH, that’ll wash out!” Don’t get me started on fake tan…

Code Names

When Sinéad refers to other beauty bloggers, she calls them by their screen name. “Cherry Suesaid she tried this” or “Beauty Nook said that foundation was nice”. What ever happened to people’s real names? Are these people on the run? Sometimes I feel she’s going to throw Maverick & Goose into the mix!

An Post deliveries

On the rare occasion that I am at home during the day, I am constantly barraged with a mountain of deliveries that arrive in the form of samples at our door. At this stage, myself and the Postman are on a first name basis although I think the postman suspects me of being a secret drag queen even though all the makeup is marked for Sinéad.

Constant Typing

Running a blog isn’t easy, you have to type up these things called blog posts appearently. With that in mind, most of Sinéad’s are typed at night in front of the TV so when I sit down to relax, it sometimes sounds like I am in the secretarial bullpen on Mad Men!

“I’m going to an event!”

The 1916 Rising… that was an event. The Moon landing… that was an event. The fall of the Berlin Wall… that was an event. Some company having a night to launch an underwater hair dryer is NOT an event!

Hair Clips

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 21.47.08I don’t even know the proper name for them but all I know is that these hairclips are left everywhere! In the shower, in the bed and even in the filter of the washing machine! I have picked up more hair clips than I’ve had hot dinners!

Studio Lights

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 22.07.44I understand that to take proper photos, you need to have the right equipment such as a good camera, a camera stand, studio lights etc. However, when all these are left out and your friends call over for a cup of tea, it sends out the completely wrong message to lads as to what we get up to behind closed doors.


The last time I checked, Crown brushes were used if you wanted to paint the house. When I hear Sinéad saying she was going to try out a new set of brushes, I think to myself, “Nice one, the kitchen is finally going to get the lick of paint it so badly needs.”

There’s nothing in the shops

When Sinéad arrives home exhausted after a day of fruitless shopping and says, “There’s nothing in the shops!”, my mind immediately conjures up images of a dystopian landscape of empty shelves, deserted isles and abandoned shopping centres. How could there be nothing in the shops? That’s impossible!

And finally…”Can you do my back?

Nothing sends the fear of God into any man more than the sight of a tanning glove and a bottle of Cocoa Brown coupled with those immortal words.

A close runner up to “Can you do my back?” is “Make sure it looks even!” Next time, do your own f*cking back!


  1. says

    Hahah I love this! I do the same thing when talking about other bloggers, Orla isn’t just Orla, she’s Orla from Makeup Over Mind! Other people don’t understand these things 😉 I really do think us bloggers are a species of our own! Great post 🙂

  2. PAM says

    Oh Sinead I love love love your blog and all your reviews but this is the funniest blog yet!! I see a Mr Beautiful Truth Permanent Monthly Guest Spot in the cards!! Brilliant 🙂 xx

  3. says

    LOL! This was VERY entertaining 🙂 And I totally recognize all these things. I’m seriously considering moving to a bigger apartment JUST so I can store all those shizloads of make-up.

  4. says

    An underwater hairdryer. Maverick and goose. Do my back.
    I snorted through this quite happily Sinead! Well done to your Other half! This is absolutely brilliant… I wonder if my own feels the same.

  5. Alison says

    It’s a great blog Mr. beautiful truth. Gives us girls a insight into what our poor other halfs have to put up with!! Haha

  6. says

    This was so funny!! Oh God why is it always the day they get the post that everything comes together… the postman had to give my husband a crate once to bring the stuff in and bring the crate back out. I had a lot of things “sent for review” *cough* that day…..

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