My Ride or Die products

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-15-46-15With so many products coming through the door  everyday both from generous companies and from my secret online shopping escapades, I tend to switch up the products I use quite a bit. I always make sure to give products thorough testing before I review them, but I often find that once the blog post is written, it is onto the next product that needs reviewing. However, even though I change my products quicker than the Irish weather on a summers day, I always have my die hard products that I fall back on. My ride or die products.

Ride of die products are those items of makeup that you continually repurchase . They are the products that you know you can rely on and won’t let you down. For the most part, I have used my ride or die products for years now, but there are a few that have crept in over the past few months.

The ride or die tag was originally started by Jaclyn Hill and you can check out her video here. Let you know what you think of my Ride or Die video and don’t forget to tell me what your Ride or die products are.


  1. Cathy Keenan says

    Any chance of leaving the names of your Rid or Die products for reference. They all look great bt i can’t remember some of the names and would like to purchase them. Thanks.

    • Sinead K says

      Hi Cathy if you use the drop down bar on the youtube video itself they are all listed there but if you can’t find them let me know and i will copy and paste

  2. Cathy says

    Thanks Sinead i done this and now see a few of the items, but not the powder which is what i am especially looking for. Thanks so much.

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