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DSC_3468A skin care routine post, is one of the most requested posts on The Beautiful Truth. However, I have held off until now, as I have always thought my skincare game was a little weak and dare I say lazy. Yet, do you know what? It works, because at the moment my skin is on point. I honestly can’t remember a time when my skin was in such good condition and if it works for me, hopefully it will work for some of you.

DSC_3478For cleansing my face and taking off my makeup, I use the Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanse and polish. I am seriously lazy when it comes to taking my makeup off and when I go to bed at night, I literally want the quickest way possible to take my makeup off. To use the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and polish, you rub a small amount of product over your face and neck and massage it into the skin. Once you have massaged it into all areas of your skin and neck you take the muslin cloth that is provided, soak it and polish off the product. Seriously this was quicker than using my makeup wipes! To make sure my skin is throughly cleans, I keep rinsing and the cloth and wiping my face until all traces of makeup are removed. I know that this isn’t the most high tech or high end cleanser, but for my skin it works a treat.

DSC_3485Once or twice a week I like to give my skin a deep clean using my Clarisonic. You can use the Clarisonic everyday if you want, and I go through phases where I will do this, but lately I find that my skin gets the most benefits from it when I use it once or twice a week for the deep cleanse. I use the Philosophy Purity cleanser with my Clarisonic, but you can use any foaming cleanser with it. You can read a full review of the Clarisonic here.

DSC_3482For moisturiser I use The Cream from The Pink Cow brand. I honestly can’t tell you enough, just how wonderfully amazing this cream is. It has genuinely changed my skin so much it is unbelievable. Since I started using The Cream, my face is softer than a baby’s backside. Due to the fact that The Cream Face is colostrum based, it is packed full of all vitamins and minerals to support the development and repair of cells and skin tissue. You can read a full review on just how amazing The Cream Face is here.

DSC_3484Whenever my skin needs a pick me up, I turn to the Philosophy Microdelivery peel.The Microdelivery peel is a two step home peel that is said to resurfaces and rejuvenates sun-damaged, hyperpigmented and ageing skin. Step one, involves applying the yellow coloured vitamin c / peptide crystals to the face, while avoiding the eye area. Step two involves the lactic/ salicylic acid reactivating gel. This stage is a little messier, as you need to take about a teaspoon of the gel and massage it onto the crystals. When the gel meets the crystals there is a warm feeling on the skin. When you feel the heat on the skin the crystals and the reactivating gel react together to form a white foam .  Again you need to massage this foam gently into the skin. I tend to leave the mixture on my face for about 5 minutes, before gently wiping it off with a facecloth. This literally leaves your skin glowing and is perfect for a special occasion.

So there you have it. A fairly low maintenance skin care routine, that gets results. I would love to hear what your favourite skin care products are.






  1. jenny says

    Pulling up an old thread as I’m thinking of buying the clarisonic so just wondering if you are still using it and happy with it? Thanks!

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