My top foundation brushes

DSC_1866Finding a holy grail foundation brush, is almost as hard as finding a holy grail foundation. In my hunt for a can’t live without foundation brush, I have gone through, more brushes than I can count. To help you with your search, I have detailed below my favourite foundation brushes.

Real Techniques buffing brush

rtFor many people, this brush is the ultimate foundation brush. This brush is deigned for applying powders, cream or liquid foundation to the skin as well as setting powders. I don’t really like it for powder, as prefer a less dense brush for applying powder. This brush is soft and dense, though not as dense as the Real Techniques expert face brush. It is slightly dome shaped at the top and doesn’t soak up too much product. It is really easy to clean and doesn’t shed hairs after cleaning. I find that it applies foundation very quickly and buffs the foundation into the skin to give a flawless finish. If you are buying any Real Techniques brush, buy them from here, rather than Boots etc, as they are seriously cheaper from iherb.

Inglot 21t flat foundation brush

inglotFirst off I  should tell you, I am not really a fan of a flat foundation brush. Every so often I give them a spin, but over all they are not the ones I reach for. However, I know many of you love flat foundation brushes and the online reviews of this brush are glowing. Of all the flat foundation brushes I have tried, I have found the Inglot 21t to be the best. I use it for applying concealer, primer and correctors to my face before my foundation. This brush is best used for applying liquid and cream foundations. The brush is soft and the hairs are very dense and  firm, which I like. It blends the foundation into the skin very well, and while I don’t get the same flawless finish as with brushes like the buffing brush of Sigma F80, it does give the skin a lovely finish. The fact that it is rounded at the top, allows you to get into all the hard to reach areas. It is a great multi tasking brush as you can use it to apply primer, foundation, or even your concealer under the eye area. It washes really well, and is still soft after washing and it does not shed. If you are a fan of a flat foundation brush, then this is one you really need to try.

Nima Brush round head kabuki brush

brush 4I recently reviewed the Nima brush elite collection and mentioned that this brush was my favourite from that collection.  This brush is seriously soft. Like feathers on your face soft. The density is very similar to that of the Real Techniques buffing brush. It gives more of a natural finish when applying your foundation, rather than the full on coverage of the Sigma f80. This is not only great for applying foundation, but I love to use it for applying cream blushes and my Soleil tan de Chanel bronzer. This brush is very easy to clean and doesn’t shed when washed. It holds its softness even after a lot of use and washing. You can buy a Nima Round head Kabuiki brush here.

Sigma F80 Kabuki brush

SigmaThis brush is hands down my holy grail foundation brush. I honestly don’t think there is any brush that can come within a hairs breathe of how amazing this brush is. The hairs on the brush are really dense and firm. It is best used with liquid or cream foundations, as I don’t think it is that suitable for powder products.It applies foundation beautifully and quickly to the skin. It doesn’t soak up loads of product and  just buffs in the foundation beautifully. It can give a like finsih to your foundation , or a more full coverage look. There is a down side to this brush that isn’t the case with the other brushes, and that is cleaning. This brush is one serious pain in the nether regions to clean. It takes a good 5 minutes to make sure it is cleaned throughly. However, I feel that this is a small price to pay for such a great brush. It doesn’t shed and holds its shape once washed. You can buy the sigma F80 from cloud 10 beauty  here .




  1. says

    Hi Sinead, I love your blog addicted to make up over the last while. Think it all started as i’m getting hitched at the end of July and was thinking of trying to do my own make up to keep costs down. I quickly changed my mind after my make up trial but the hunt to find the perfect foundation and brushes for everyday use continues! Ha I think once you start getting an interest in make up it quickly becomes an addiction 🙂 anyway just wondering do you ever use fuchsia products? I got my make up done there for my hen and purchased the jumbo buffer brush there for €25- it’s seriously amazing absolutely effortless, I’ve started using borjous healthy mix foundation too and think after 20 yrs of searching for a foundation to suit my skin i’ve eventually found one. I’m just wondering what you think of these products and if you can review some things from fuchsia
    Ruth x

    • Sinead K says

      Im not a fan of Fuchsia Ruth. I find it very expensive for what it is. However, if you find something that works for you run with it. I love the healthy mix foundation. i wear it quite often and find it sits beautifully on the skin


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