Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Nude foundation

DSC_3746In a recent YouTube video, I asked the readers of The Beautiful Truth, to recommend a good budget foundation for me to try .Again and again, people kept recommending the Rimmel Lashing finish 25 hour foundation. Not to be rude, I of course had to try it and picked up the both the lasting finish 25 hour nude and the original red bottled Lasting finish 25 hour with comfort serum. Having given both a try, I have found that I have reached for the Lasting finish nude ( the white topped one) a lot more over the original, as I found it far more comfortable for my skin than the origin foundation. I will do a comparison of the two in a future post, but for now, I am gonna tell you all about the Lasting finish 25 hour nude foundation.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.28.29Shade Range: The shade range is rather limited in the Lasting Finish nude foundation, with only 8 shades available, with light porcelain being the lightest and natural beige being the darkest. I have a feeling, that if you are very pale, you may struggle to get a shade to suit you in this foundation.  However, I found that I had my choice of 2 when picking out a shade. I wear classic beige and find that it is a good match to my Mac Nc 25.

DSC_3754Packaging: The lasting finish nude foundation comes in a glass bottle, with a plastic top. I actually quite like the dispenser on the top, as I find that it gives out just the right about of foundation.

Texture: It has quite a fluid texture to it and really glides over the skin evening out any imperfections while at the same time allowing your natural skin to show through. I really liked how this applied and found that the texture rivalled that of a much more expensive foundation.  It feels very light weight on the skin, unlike the original red topped foundation, which I found very heavy on the skin.

before, during and after application

before, during and after application

Finish: I think it has a little bit of a satin finish to it, with a hint of dewiness. It does give your skin quite a flawless finish, and airbrushed out a lot of my flaws, while still allowing my freckles to shine through.

Coverage: This is definitely a medium coverage foundation. I found that it offered the perfect amount of coverage for my skin. It covered most of my flaws, but allowed my freckles to shine through. I did need a concealer for my dark circles, but there are very few foundations that I don’t need to do this with. If you like a foundation that offers good coverage, I absolutely think this would be worth a spin.

coverage of dark circles.

coverage of dark circles.

Lasting power: The Lasting finish nude foundations promises to be sweat, heat, transfer, humidity proof for 25 hours! A very tall order, that I don’t think it lives up to. Yes, it does have good staying power, and lasts a lot longer than most foundations, but sweat, heat, transfer, humidity proof for 25 hours it is not. I found that when set with a powder I could get a good 8 hours wear without having to top up, but if I didn’t set it, It would wear away around the mouth, about the 4 hour mark.

Skin Type: This is said to suit most skin types. As I have normal skin it is hard to judge how it would work for others, but due to the hydrating qualities I would be inclined to say it would work well all both dry and oily skin, but oily skinned ladies would absolutely have to set it with a powder.

Overall, I have quite liked this foundation and have found myself reaching for it quite a bit. It offers really good coverage, decent lasting power, and give stye skin a lovely finish. For the price point, I really don’t think you can’t give this foundation a try and if I am being completely honest, it wears a lot better than many high end foundations that I have tried! You can buy the Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hour nude foundation for €8.99 on any Rimmel stand.


  1. says

    I haven’t tried this but it looks great on you, Sinéad. I like the red one, so I’ll try this when I’m finished it. When would anyone ever wear foundation for 25 hours though?!

  2. Emma says

    Got this recently in boots it was on offer for 4.99 not sure if it still is. I find it fantastic I didn’t want to waste all my good foundation going to work had just gone through a bottle of benefit foundation for work I find this amazing the coverage is great and always getting compliments much better then lots of more expensive brands!
    Love your reviews so thruthful and honest!

  3. Blee says

    I hate the one with the red top. It’s just so cakey.
    I tried the nude one tho and loved it for the first while but when the weather got really cold it just wouldn’t sit right on my slightly dryer skin at all. It make me look like i had little flakes all over my face.
    I’d say it’s better suited to slightly warmer weather or normal oily skin. I’d say if you’re dry it’ll look flaky.
    Over all it was beautiful on when it was working for me 🙂

  4. Cheryl says

    I use rimmel Classic beige and wanting to try Mac, would you say the NC25 is the best colour match to the rimmel Classic beige?

  5. derby says

    nice post….I use NC 43 in mac studio fix powder (42.5 sometimes) but I just got to the UK and saw this and the red capped one in Tesco.
    really want to buy it but I have no idea what my shade is in this range…..help!!!!
    secondly, what affordable concealer cover really well??

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