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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 22.22.38OMG ladies, I have such exciting news. Lately I have found, after writing my blog posts, taking photos, reviewing products, attending events, replying to emails and comments, working a fulltime job and organising a wedding, that I have far too much time on my hands. With that in mind, along with the unprecedented success of my braces… I have decided to launch a brand new blog, in conjunction my existing one, called The Beautiful Tooth!

Having experienced success with my braces first hand, I have decided that I want to branch out into reviewing dental products. I cannot wait to try out the latest dental floss, tell you which toothpaste leaves the best aftertaste and sample all that celebrity toothbrushes have to offer!

But don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there. I have the enlisted the help of a few friends and family members to make The Beautiful Truth the blogging empire it deserves to be. My mother has recently been mourning the loss of Derek Mooney and his nature and gardening section on RTÉ Radio 1 as of late. I suggested to her that perhaps she could fill the void in the blogosphere so in that vein, I’m delighted to announce that my mother will starting her very own blog called The Beautiful Root! She literally cannot wait to get her hands dirty and bring you the very latest news on what’s happening in gardens around the country. Having difficulties with your weeds? Are your flowers not blooming in time? Don’t know what the best garden shovel is? Fear not, The Beautiful Root has got you covered.

I know this has been a lot to take on board in one day and I know how excited you all are for me but I promise I only have one last announcement to make. As all you dedicated readers will know, I am getting married later this year. In preparing for the wedding, Mr Beautiful Truth has found a new passion. He delights in nothing more than going from shop to shop every weekend, trying on different suits and trying on various styles of shoes. As a result, he is to start his own blog The Beautiful Suit with immediate effect. Mr Beautiful Truth will spend his weekends travelling the length and breath of the country trying on different outfits under my watchful eye. The Beautiful Suit will begin with Tom Murphy Menswear on St Patrick’s Street in Cork because Mr Beautiful Truth heard a rumour that Roy Keane gave the shop window a dirty look on his way home after a night out in Sidetrax 25 years ago!

I asked my Dad to get involved and write his own blog and he suggested I start The Beautiful… Feck Off and Leave Me Alone!

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