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My Top Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Finally Makeup Geek is available this side of the Atlantic. For far too long we have had to put in tiny orders to avoid customs and patiently wait weeks and weeks for the our new shadows. Thankfully, Makeup Geek is now being stock on Beautybay.com.  Finally no more worrying if the postman is going to ask you to cough up some more cash. It will come as no surprise to long time readers of the blog, that I am a massive fan of Makeup Geek Eyeshadows. These are hands down my most used eyeshadows are they are just so incredibly pigmented, long wearing and easy to work with. They really…

Tutorial youtube

Kylie Jenner Inspired tutorial

Ok so take the name of this tutorial with a pinch of salt. I was stuck for a name! It’s really only the lips that look anyway Kylie Jenner inspired!! A few weeks ago, when heading off to Galway for the ITWBN event, I posted a picture of the makeup above. So many of you emailed me, or posted on the picture itself, that you would love to see a tutorial. As it is such an easy look to do, I decided to recreate this look in a video, which I have linked down below. I am not trained in makeup, so if I can do a look like this,…

Tutorial youtube

Glam Party Makeup Tutorial

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to party season, I like to up my makeup game big time. I trawl through youtube looking for tutorials on the best party to have me looking like a hot rod heading out to all my different parties. When it comes to night time makeup, I really need something that is going to last. The last thing I want to do is cart around half my makeup bag for top ups throughout the night. For today’s tutorial I have put together a look that is perfect for a night out. It can be worn as I have worn it, or vamped…

Tutorial youtube

Get ready with me video

A few weeks ago, I gave a shout out on Facebook to see what you guys would like to see featured on The Beautiful Truth.  There was so many brilliant suggestions, but one comment that caught my attention was to post about how I get ready for a night out. I love finding out how people prepare themselves for a night on the tiles and how they do their hair and makeup.I have picked up so many ideas from posts like this and it got me thinking and I decided to try something new. While getting ready for the Blog Awards a few weeks ago, I decided to film myself…


All you need to know about Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

If you are a regular Youtube viewer, you will be familiar with the makeup brand Makeup Geek. It seems that many the Beauty blogger on Youtube, raves about these shadows. Never one to give into the hype I held off buying for a long time. It wasn’t until the girls over at Chatterbox.ie, wrote about their Makeup geek eyeshadows that I knew I had to investigate more. Makeup Geek is an American brand, started by beauty Guru Marlena. Makeup Geek is a much sought after brand, but unfortunately the  products can only be bought online at the Makeup Geek store. Makeup Geek deliver world wide, but it is important to note, when accepting…


September Favourites

September has been a bit of a weird month. I am back in work, so late nights and early morning have played havoc on my skin. My skin is a little lack lustre and tired looking. This month I also had two horrendous allergic reactions, that left my skin covered in little blisters , my under eye area sore and dry, and my whole face was left with dry patches. My whole makeup routine had to change, as my usual products  just weren’t working for me and left me looking like horrendous. As a result there are lots of new products in my favourites this month. La Roche Posay –…