Thrifty Tuesday – Essence eyeliner pen

Essence eyeliner pen

Essence eyeliner pen

First up in our brand new feature ‘Thrifty Tuesday” , is a real favourite of mine, The Essence eyeliner pen. Who doesn’t love a perfectly applied winged liner? It can look so elegant, and stunning, especially when kept simple and themed with a simple red lip. I love winged liner, but unfortunately, I apply liner like a 5 year old that has snuck into their mothers makeup bag. Lately the Essence eyeliner pen has been my absolute saviour when it comes to perfecting the perfect winged look.


The Essence eyeliner pen, comes with a felt tip style nib. It has the perfect level of stiffness, so even when my hand shakes, the pen stays steady around the eye. Applying winged liner is never easy, but the stiffness in this pen allows even a winged liner novice create a near perfect winged look. I find it is best to take the application of your liner in stages and not try and get one perfect line. That really is just not gonna happen.

The colour in this pen is not the blackest of black, but when you go over the lines you have created, the colour becomes more and more opaque. It dries quickly on the lid, so that when you blink you don’t end up with liner half way up your eye. That has happened to the best of us! I do find the pen itself can dry out quickly enough, however in saying that, I have found that this happens with most liner pens, so it is not something that would turn me off. You would easily get one to two months out of a pen.

This little gem of a product will only set you back €3.09. I have used this every single day for the last few weeks, and have found myself using it over my beloved Inglot Gel liner. If you are not an expert at liner application, then this is the product for you. Not only will it not break the bank, but it will allow you  to perfect that perfect winged look. I have already purchased back ups of this pen, so that I will never be without.


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    I got a similar Catrice one and found it dried out too quickly which is annoying but if no eyeliner pen lasts long then I don’t mind. Also totally do the trick where I use another liquid eyeliner with this pen, I just dip the nib into the liquid and it really helps!!


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