Too Faced Melted Liquified long wear lipstick – melted violet

DSC_0062I tip my hat to the PR gurus behind the Too Faced Melted lipsticks, as at the start of the summer my timeline was flooded with reviews of these lipsticks. These were hailed as the new must have lip product. Every single person was raving about them and I had a feeling that my life wouldn’t be complete without at least one of them my life. These lipsticks are said to give you the best of a lipstick and lip gloss in one product. Seriously this had my name written all over it. Not only that, but the colours in this range are to die for. They are vibrant and looked pigmented. These sounded like absolute heaven and I thought it would be love at first use. Sadly love was not to be. I haven’t disliked a product as much as this one, in a very long time

DSC_0056I bought the colour melted violet and it is an absolutely beautiful intense violet shade, as the name would suggest. It was this particular colour that drew me to this range in the first place, as I haven’t found a lipstick in this shade before or since I bought this. Melted violet is very pigmented and there is decent colour pay off on the lips.When you swatch it, it really is a thing of beauty.  Sadly this is where the pros of this lipstick end.

DSC_0068Firstly the applicator is this little sponge tip, which  I personally am not a fan of, due to bacteria collecting on the tip. I find these tips to be very unhygienic and they always end up with little bits of dirt clogged in them.  Secondly, I don’t find it easy to apply the lipstick around the edges of the lip with this applicator, as it tends to be messy and not very precise. It is also hard to judge how much product you need, as a little squeeze of the tube, sees a serious amount of product come out and a tiny squeeze gives you nothing!! I now understand Goldilocks pain.

Once the product is on the lips, this is where the hot mess takes place. First off it bleeds like no other lip product I have tried. If you have any sort of lines at all, even the tiniest of lines, it will seek them out and settle there. It looks horrendous, and I was actually mortified when I was out the first time this happened.One look in the mirror and realised I looked the the old cat lady from the Simpsons . I thought maybe I had applied it wrong and tried again and again, I even tried wearing a lipliner to stop this happening, but no, it still bled.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 22.15.49These lipsticks are suppose to have a matte texture to them when they dry in, but mine never dried at all. It kept the gloss like appearance and felt very grainy on the lips. In fact, instead of drying, it began to seperate on the lip. Yes separate. I have never in mu life seen this with a lip product. It was actually embarrassing how this lipstick acted on the lips. After about 25 minutes or so ( I never took a stop watch out and timed it), it began to wear away from the centre of the lip, it would leave a slight stain in the centre of the lips and  a ring of product around the edges of your lips, and in the fine lines. It was  bizarre. Almost every time I wore this, and I wore it a few times as I wanted to give it a chance because of it’s beautiful colour, I ended up taking it off  because it was just far too messy. I have read reviews with people claiming these lipsticks lasted on their lips for 7-8 hours, even with eating and drinking. I call absolute BS on these claims. For me, these lipsticks lasted no longer than a cheap lipgloss and that is if I didn’t wipe it off in embarrassment first.

This lipstick has really got me thinking. With all the glowing reviews out there, did I get a dodgy lipstick? Is it that mine is just one from a bad batch?. Or is it that a lot of beauty bloggers feel they have to give a good review if PR companies sends them out products to review ,or is in fact paying them for a good review.( yes this happens).  You can normally spot a these types of posts a mile off. If a blogger has every shade in a range, this product was more than likely sent by a PR company. Sadly, there are so many bloggers out there that feel under pressure to give a good review because they are afraid they won’t receive any more products. Thankfully Irish PR companies appreciate both good and bad reviews, and for the most part you can trust Irish bloggers reviews.

Did I get the dodgy lipstick in the batch or is the glowing reviews just good PR. I will leave the decision up to you, but either way I am out €22 and I am not willing to buy another one to see which is actually the case. This lipstick held such potential with they beauty of the colour, but sadly this is just not for me.




  1. says

    I’ve seen some reviews of things that I know are rubbish, so I think you still have to use discretion when purchasing because of a review – but my god how disappointing is that. €22 isn’t cheap at all, you could have a MAC lipstick for that – outrageous!

    • Sinead K says

      I’m raging over it Sharon. Normally I take reviews with a pinch of salt, cause not everything suits everyone. There was just so many good reviews of this. I was stung

  2. Kerryanne says

    I hadn’t heard anything about this lip product (and won’t be trying it now, anyway, so no loss!) but just wanted to say I love the fact that you aren’t afraid to give a negative review. I know some bloggers out there play it safe and if they’ve nothing complimentary to say about a product, they say nothing at all as they are afraid of bad PR but I really appreciate the honesty in what you do. Well done – and keep up the good work. Love the site 🙂

    • Sinead K says

      Thanks so much Kerry Anne. I did buy this one myself, so in fairness it is easier to go much harder on the product. I started blogging last year cause i was sick of wishy washy reviews and wanted to be truthful at all times

  3. says

    That sounds absolutely ridiculous! I’ve had a few lip products that I’ve had to wipe off in embarrassment but I’ve never paid €22 for them! What a waste of money. It’s a shame people feel the need to write wonderful/misleading reviews just because they were sent the products.

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