5 new eyeshadow palettes

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I used to feel guilty about buying eyeshadow palettes as I really have so many.Now I realise life is too short and why should I deprive myself of the things I love?

Over the past few weeks / months a several new palettes have come into my life. I have put them through their paces and there have been surprises, both good and bad!

Bperfect LMD palette

There was a lot of hype surrounding this palette when it first launched and for a long time it was hard to get your hands on , as so many people were raving about how good it is. This palette is a collaboration between bPerfect cosmetics and top makeup artist Louise mc Donald. It has 12 eyeshadows, a blusher, contour powder and highlighter and it is 100% worth the hype

The palette is sectioned into 3 distinct sections. The first contains 6 warm toned shadows that all complement each other really well. The middle section has a blusher, highlighter and contour powder and the last section has another 6 shadows that also complement each other. While they are all sectioned out, you can mix and match between each section.

I found that the shadows were easy to use, blended well and lasted really well on the eyes too. The shades included were really well thought out and you can create a whole heap of different looks with the palette. You would think this is a given with most palettes but this is not always the case. I was very impressed with the shade range and the sheer amount of combinations they creates. I tend not to use the blusher, highlighter and contour powder. Not because there is anything wrong with them, but I am die hard for my usual highlighters and powders.

I really like this palette and find myself reaching for it an awful lot. Considering I have so many palettes, that really says something.  I think the price point is also really great and if you keep your eyes out, a lot of pharmacies will have discount codes, which makes it even cheaper. You can buy it from Molloys lifestyle Pharmacy here for €29.95.

Madison Makeup Berry Bold palette

This palette took me a little by surprise. While the Berry Bold palette had a huge launch party, I hadn’t heard much noise about it from bloggers, which made me wonder! However, I had no need to wonder because it really is a little gem of a palette .

The Berry Bold palette contains 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters. I personally find that the highlighters are not a great colour for my skin tone, as they are a little more icy than what I use. The quality of them is good but it’s the shades that are just not right for me but I know anyone who likes a more icy toned highlighter will really like these.  The shadows however, as really gorgeous!

A mix of shimmers and mattes, these are a warm toned lovers dream! The colours included really make blue eyes pop. I find the shadows themselves are very pigmented, so I go in with a light hand as a little goes a long way. Even with a light hand you can build to a really massive pop of colour. They blend really well and last on the eyes throughout the day. I honestly was really taken with how well these wore on the eyes. I found they held up as well as a lot of my more pricer palettes.  If you’re a fan of the ABH Modern renaissance colours, then you’re gonna love this.At €19.95 this palette is well worth picking up. At the moment if you use the code NEEDS15 at the checkout on the Madison website you will get 15% off making it €16.95 It is hard to pass it up at that price!! You can buy it here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette

The Soft Glam palette is Anastasia Beverly Hills latest addition to their palette range. This launch comes after a whole pile of controversy about the quality of their Subculture. The initial reviews from bloggers on the Soft Glam palette were strong, which led me to making a purchase.

Let me start with the positives. The colour selection in this palette is beautiful. It is a mix of both warm and cool toned colours, that perfectly complement each other. Not only that, but there is so many different combination of looks that you can create with this palette . While at the same time the colours included are much more wearable then a lot of the their palettes in the past.

The shadows also apply beautifully to the eyes. They are pigmented. They blend well and are overall really lovely to use. My problem arrises when it comes to the longevity of the shadows on the eye. I have to be honest. This is one of the worst palettes for longevity on my eyes. No matter what primer I used, or how I applied it, they wore off and they wore off within a number of hours. By the end of the day, there would be literally nothing left on my eyes.There is a big part of me that wonders if it is my eyeballs rather than the palette itself that is causing the problem because so many don’t seem to have issue with it, but it really does stop me recommending it to people. I just don’t use it anymore , as it wears off so poorly.

If you want to try the ABH Soft Glam palette you can find it on Beauty Bay Here for €48.25.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

Anyone following me on Instastories  or snapchat, will already know my love of this palette. I really didn’t think I was going to like it and before I bought it, I thought it was ridiculously over priced, but considering how much I use it,I know see im getting value for money!

The palette contains 18 shadows . There are eight mattes, six pressed pearls, three duo-chrome toppers and one pure glitter. The mattes are by far my most used shadows in the palette. The quality of the mattes is fantastic. I find they blend beautifully and wear really well throughout the day. The pressed pearls wear better when you have a primer under them, or if you apply with a dampened brush. When it comes to the duo chrome, I find that these work well both on their own and on top of another shadow like Huda had it designed. The glitter isn’t great and really only works if you use a glitter glue but I can get over that.

The colour selection does look a little full on, but I use this palette both for day and night time wear and I find that you can create full on looks or more natural looks with it. Granted the natural looks are a little limited.

If you think you would get the use of this palette, I personally can recommend it enough. It costs €65 and you can buy it from Cult Beauty here. 

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat palette

This is yet another palette that took me by surprise. When I first saw the palette announcement, I thought it looked far too similar to the original heat palette. I was surprised that Urban Decay were bringing out more or less the same thing but in a smaller version. Oh but I was wrong. While the petite Heat is in the same colour family as it’s bigger sister, the colours are different. They are different enough to justify having both too.

The Petite Heat palette contains 6 matte shades that are all warm toned. In fact they are very warm toned. It has 3 lighter shades and then 3 more full on intense shades. What I like about the colour selection is the fact that for such a small palette you can get both day and night looks out of it, making it perfect for travel. Granted the amount looks you can create is on the limited side, unless you’re mad into changing up your looks, that won’t really matter.

I have heard a few people say that they thought the quality of this palette differed from the original heat. Personally, I don’t find this at all. I find them lovely to work with. I also find they last really well throughout the day. Over the past week or so,  I have reached for this quite a bit when it comes to my day time makeup.

I do think it is expensive at €32 but if you order in sterling on Look Fantastic you can get it for €30.45 here.

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