Brand Spotlight: Cailyn Ireland Cosmetics

This is a sponsored post with Cailyn cosmetics Ireland. Although this is a collaboration, my opinions are 100% my own and are in no way tainted

Over the past few months, I have tried out a lot of Cailyn Ireland cosmetic products, to see what my stand out products where. While there were lots that I liked, including the blusher and small eyeshadow palette, I decided to write about my top 5 products in more detail for this collaboration.

I have tried out all these products under a multitude of conditions. I have applied them all using different brushes and I really put them to the test to see how they wore. You can find a full range of Cailyn Ireland Cosmetics products here and a list of stockists here.

Matte Primer Mousse Foundation 

If you follow my snapchat, you will have heard me mention this foundation a few times. It isn’t often that I can recommend a foundation for the more oily skinned among us. If you have skin that is on the oily side, it is 100% worth going to a Cailyn stockist and trying to get a sample of the Matte Primer Mousse foundation as it is absolutely gorgeous on the skin.

Cailyn say that this foundation will help prime, cover and soften the skin. While at the same time add a luminosity to your skin, that you don’t normally get with a matte foundation. I found that this applied really well to the skin. It definitely gave the skin an almost soft focus look to it. This foundation  had great coverage, I would say a high medium to full coverage. It did give your skin a lovely warmth to it and it lasted incredibly well throughout the day. The only downside for me, and this is 100% because of my skin type, is I found that because it was more on the matte side, it got a little tight on my skin as the day progressed. If you are on the oily side, this wouldn’t be an issue for you and instead would mean that the foundation isn’t gonna budge from you skin. Exactly what you want from a foundation!! Even still, I wore this quite a bit, as I loved the look it gave on the skin and when I started to feel it get tight, I spritzed my face!

There are four shade available and I wore the shade number 3 Charmeuse. 30mls will set you back €36 and you can find a list of stockist here or buy it here.

Gelux Eyebrow Gel

While I have my phi brows done, I still have to fill in my brows a little every morning. I personally don’t have time to be messing about with a pencil, as I find a good brow gel, is much faster to use and lasts much better throughout the day. I have used the Cailyn Gelux eyebrow gel for a quite a while now and first reviewed it over two years ago here. 

The Gelux eyebrow is available in four shades. Hazelnut, Cocoa, Oak and espresso. I use the shade Cocoa. The texture of the brow gel is different from other brow gels that I have used, as I find that this has a little more of a waxy consistency. I find that due to the consistency of the gel there is a little bit more control when applied to the brows and you can sculpt out your brows a little more that with other brow products. Cailyn do provide a little brush that is handy to use on top of the packaging and while the brush is decent, i personally prefer to use my own brush. but then I am odd about my brushes. The majority of people would be able to use the brush provided not a bother.

You can buy the Gelux Eyebrow gel for €20 here

Cailyn iDefine Liquid Liner

You all know how I love a good liquid liner and as a result of being a fiend for a pen liner, I am incredibly critical and hard wearing on them. Just like with the Gelux brow gel, I started using the iDefine liquid liner well over two years ago. I was so obsessed with it, that when I finished my first pen, I went out and bought another!!

To me this liner is not a million miles away from my beloved Kat Von D Tattoo liner. If you know me at all, that is very high praise indeed! The nib on the iDefine is very fine and while flexible it has the perfect control to help you create a beautiful wing. Often with pen liners they can release too much product or indeed too little product but to take inspiration for the lady with the golden locks herself, the amount of product the iDefine liner released, was just right!

I also found that this was a really black liner that lasted very well throughout the day. I find that this actually wears better than the Kat Von D throughout the day.

The iDefine Liquid liner is €16 and you can get it here. 

Cailyn O! Triple shading palette

I have used this bronzer since the start of September and have used it so much, I have started to make a dent in it!

Long time readers of the blog will know I have a thing about making sure that bronzer is subtle! Our bronzer is suppose to warm our face and sculpt out our cheekbones! Unfortunately a lot of people like to see a big streak off bronzer down their face! Thankfully the triple shading palette has such beautiful tones to it, that there wont be a dirty streak in sight.

What I love about this palette is the fact it has three shades. A lot of the time when I am recommending bronzers people find that the shades sometimes don’t suit their skin tone. With this bronzer there are three shades that can be used individually or mixed all together. I found this great because the days I was in work I went with the lighter two shades, while the evenings I was headed out, I used the darker shade. This means that you don’t need different sculpting powders for different events. You have everything you need in one palette! I found that this was the perfect tone for creating that beautifully sculpted look.

The Cailyn O! Triple Shading palette costs €26 and you can buy it here.

Cailyn O! Triple highlighting palette 

A lot of the time on here I recommend highlighters that would give a disco ball a run for its money. However, not everybody likes that full on highlighter look and instead wants to opt for something that gives a glow but is a little more on the subtle side. That is exactly what the triple highlighting palette does.

Just like with the shading palette this highlighter palette has three shades. Each shade can be worn individually or you can swirl your brush over them all to get a mix of the colours. This is how I like to wear it. I find that it gives a lovely warm glow to the high points of my face. This is the perfect highlighter for work, as a lot of my favourites can be a little full on for daytime makeup.

I found that the highlighters were easy to apply, didn’t look powdery on the skin and lasted well through the day.

The highlighting palette is €26 and can be bought here.



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