Álainn Customisable organiser, compatible with Ikea Alex drawers

There is something very satisfying looking at a drawer full of perfectly organised makeup! For a long time, I have found myself using the same few products, over and over again because I simply couldn’t see what I had in my drawers. My makeup storage situation was a disaster! They say out of frustration comes the best ideas. My frustration led to the first seeds of an idea last year, that has now grown into the launch of my first product. The Álainn customisable organiser.

I wanted to create something that suited lots of different organisational needs. Instead of making a drawer organiser that had one set lay out, the Álainn organiser is completely customisable. It comes with 1 tray, 5 long inserts and 6 short inserts. Using the inserts, you can create a layout to suit your organisational needs. There are so many different layouts to choose from.

For so many people, storage for the Ikea Alex drawers has been a mishmash of baskets and boxes. I created this product with the Ikea Alex drawers in mind and they fit perfectly into all of the Alex drawers. However, these organisers will fit into many other drawers, wardrobes and other spaces. They will also look good on top of a vanity unit too. The length of the organiser is 40.8 cm. The width is 28.5cm and the height is 4.5cm


On delivery, the Álainn organiser will come with the above layout. This setting holds a Mac or Urban Decay eyeshadow comfortably. However, I feel this layout is perfect for anyone who is into crafting!! However, due to the fact this is customisable, your’e not stuck with this layout but instead can create a number of different layouts to suit your needs.

This is my favourite layout. I have so many blushers, powders and highlighters, that they were taking up a massive amount of space in my drawer. In fact the amount of blushers I had was spread out over two drawers and were held in plastic baskets that have seen better days. They now all fit in the one insert and I can see exactly what I have!!

For my deeper Alex drawers I have laid out the organiser to hold some of my taller products. Foundations are very hard to store and can spill easily in drawers. I now have most of my foundations in the organiser in my deeper Alex drawer. I can see exactly what I have, so find I am using different products all the time. my foundations all stand up and don’t fall over when the drawer opens. This is also a great way to store pigments and liquid eyeshadows.

You can also arrange the organiser to store some of your palettes. This section will store a palette no bigger than the Modern Renaissance palette. Unfortunately your Naked palettes will not fit here but plenty of other palettes will. Turns out the length of the Naked palette is quite a bit longer than most!

Find it hard keeping your pencils and mascaras and concealers in place? These were always things I found got lost in piles but now I can see everything clearly! it also means I keep things tidier as they all have a home.

The above is only a small sample of all the different ways it can be arranged, that I am sure there is a layout to suit your needs. Be it beauty, crafts, office organisation. I am incredibly proud of the organiser. The materials are of a very high quality. They are not flimsy but instead incredibly durable. What I am most proud of is that my seed of an idea has now become a reality. I have worked alongside an Irish manufacture to create a product that while niche, will make peoples lives that little bit easier. You can buy an Álainn customisable organiser here for €49.99



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