My top Mac eyeshadows

So you could say I am a bit of a Mac eyeshadow addict. I firmly believe that it is better to invest in a large palette and fill it up than buying individual potted eyeshadows. They are easier to store and travel with. So when building your collection where do you begin? I have listed below the 10 eyeshadows that every makeup lover should have. How I have narrowed it down to 10 I do not know as there are so many more that I could have added in. For me there is no other eyeshadows that can compare to the Mac’s.

Mac Vanilla

This is a creamy beige colour with an almost matte finish. I use this on my lid with another colour  ( there are so many that work with this) in the crease or on the brow bone as a highlighter. This is a very easy colour to work with and has great pigmentation

Mac Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch
As you can see from the picture I have hit pan on this colour. It is a beautiful pinky tan colour. I use this on the lid with Mac Satin Taupe in the crease. This is gorgeous with any darker colour in the crease.

Mac Woodwinked

This is a colour that I can’t live without. It is a is a warm, red-toned brown with a metallic shine.This is beautiful on its own all over the lid or it can be paired with Mulch in the crease or with Patina on the lid and Woodwinked in the crease. If you only buy one colour than this is the one.

Mac All That Glitters

All That Glitters
As the name suggests All That Glitters is a gorgeous light coppery gold colour. This is another must have. It is beautiful on the lid with Mulch in the crease. I love using the combination of Woodwinked, All that glitters, Much and then Vanilla pigment for the inner corner.

Mac Amber Lights

Amber Lights
If you have blue eyes then you must have this in your collection. Amber Lights is a rich, warm-toned coppery bronze with a frost finish. This is gorgeous with vanilla on the lid, Amber Lights in the crease and Embark in the outer V. 

This colour is very much the Mac shade of the season. It is a berried red with a frost finish. This colour can be worn in so many different ways. For a casual look you could put Blanc Type or Vanilla on the lid with Cranberry in the crease. Or for a night out, Girly or pink frost on the lid, Cranberry in the crease and Beauty Marked in the outer V.

Mac Sushi Flower

Sushi Flower
This is another beauty. It is quite bright and might not be to everyones taste but I love it. It is a is a medium-dark pink with a satin finish. For a dramatic look this is gorgeous on the lid with Beauty Marked in the crease. Or for a more daytime friendly look put Phloof on the lid with Sushi Flower in the crease.

Mac Blackberry

I love this colour for a neutral look. Blackberry is a dark purple, matte shade. While it isn’t as pigmented as other colours and can be hard to work with, this is beautiful with Vanilla or Blanc Type on the lid and Blackberry in the crease. All you need then is a bit of black liner and you are set.

Mac Embark

This is one of my favourite colours. It is a  deep neutral shade that appears purple in the pan but comes out like the most gorgeous brown colour. I love to pair this with amber lights but there are so many combinations for this colour it is just a case of playing around with it.

Mac Charcoal Brown

Charcoal Brown
As you can see I didn’t take this picture myself as I actually need to buy a new one. Charcoal brown is a  medium-dark, gray-tinted brown with a matte finish. The main way I use this is for my eyebrows. I use this instead of pencil with an angled brush to give the HD Brow look. I have started using it with Mac Painterly paint pot and vanilla on the lid and Charcoal brown in the crease and wing liquid liner.


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