Babymoon in Galway with The Beauty Quarters

20160514_154921It is such a treat to escape from Dublin for a short break and if you follow me on snapchat (@thebeauttruth) you will have seen that I recently was given a chance to have a little babymoon down in Galway with a pamper session in The Beauty Quarters in Oranmore and to say it was exactly what I needed would be an understatement.

Previously, if you had’ve mentioned the word babymoon to me, I would’ve laughed at such a preposterous idea. A babymoon! What sort of new aged fandangled stuff was this now? It is very far from a babymoons we were raised.  However, after the time I spent in Galway on our babymoon, I am now a fully fledged advocate of taking the time to get yourself pampered and spend some quality time with your partner.

20160514_124358We stayed in the Maldron Sandy road in Galway. If you’re heading to the Galway races, this is actually the perfect spot to stay, as it is so close to the race course. It is also only about 5 minutes in a cab from the Latin Quarter and walking distance to hairdressers and shops! The hotel was perfect for a stay as it wasn’t overrun with hens and stags. The staff were exceptionally helpful and they had the cutest basket of baby goodies waiting for us on our arrival.

20160514_140516My first stop of the day was to Peter Marks in the Terryland shopping centre ( The shopping centre with Dunnes in it). I am very fussy with my hair, but hand on heart this was one of the best blowdries I’ve ever had. Instead of using brushes to give the curly blow dry, my hair was curled with the GHD and then set with rollers for around 15 minutes. This meant that the hair stayed in place all day and didn’t really drop. Again, if you’re heading to the races, book now and ask for this, as your hair will be perfect all day long.


20160514_151113For lunch we stopped off at the House Hotel in the Latin Quarters for some afternoon tea. This was my husbands first time having afternoon tea and to say he was like a fish out of water was an understatement. The House hotel, is a really big spot for hen parties and as we sat in the Lobby munching, there was quite a number of hen arrivals. While I didn’t bat an eyelid, himself was in awe of how women greet each other on hen weekends. It was also hilarious to see his big hands trying to get to grips with the tea cups and sandwich slices. You can learn more about afternoon tea prices here.

20160514_151106At this point I ditched himself and headed off to Oranmore for the real reason I was in Galway. A serious pamper session in The Beauty Quarters in Oranmore!!!! I was invited down to Galway for an afternoon of pampering in The Beauty Quarter in Oranmore. For those of you not familiar with Galway, Oranmore is about 10/15 minutes outside the city on the Dublin side. Once you have a car, it is really easy to reach and there is plenty of parking, which is something important to me when I head to a pamper session.

20160514_190829The owner of The Beauty Quarters, Melissa, knew I’m pregnant and from watching my snapchats, she also knew that I was having desperate problems with my feet. In fact that very week, my feet had decided they were done with fitting into shoes, and resembled something that you’re more likely to find on an elephant!! As pregnancy does limit a lot of treatments that you can get, due to the use of essential oils, Melissa decided that she was going to give my little piggys a treat.

FB_IMG_1463341051442My toenails had previously been painted by my husband and it was a little embarrassing to put them on display, so it was great to have a proper polish applied. I went for a Gelish colour on my toes, so that they would last until I have to go into hospital. To help with the swelling, Melissa scrubbed my feet with a pregnancy friendly scrub and then used a cooling lotion all over my feet and wrapped them up. It was heavenly and exactly what I needed. It really took the swelling down and meant that I could fit into normal shoes that night!


20160514_190756 20160514_190810As I was heading out for dinner in the Latin Quarter that night, Melissa also set about doing my makeup. She used the an airbrush makeup which I had never used before and I really liked the flawless finish it gave.  I gave Melissa free reign with my makeup and I was really delighted with what she did. It was different from what I normally do myself and loved breaking away of my normal makeup look. Himself was only delighted with how I scrubbed up.

20160515_000941The Beauty Quarters is such a beautiful salon and if you’re in the Galway area, I highly recommend popping in for a visit. Melissa is such a sweetheart and we chatted away all afternoon. Melissa is renowned for her HD brows and they have also recently started doing the Bellamianta spray tan, which makes this the perfect location for getting Galway races ready.

20160514_202522To finish off our night, we headed to Martines in the Latin Quarter for some food. I am notoriously picky with food, but this was delicious and really well priced too. It is right in the centre of everything and surrounded by bars. The staff were excellent and really went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable with my ever expanding bump. I did try to get a picture outside to show you how I scrubbed up, but honestly my husband is many things, but a photographer is not one of them!!!

I really had the most fabulous time in Galway. It was so lovely to take a break from life and spend some quality time with each other, as so often day to day life gets in the way of really enjoying each others company. For someone who was so sceptical of babymoons, I am now a serious advocate. It really gave us a chance to be a couple, while I also got time to forget about the housework, baby shopping and redecorating the house and instead take some time out to get pampered.








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    May 25, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    Great realistic comment Sinead… Glad you and Dave enjoyed the break 😀

  • Reply
    Makeup Monster
    May 25, 2016 at 10:05 pm

    Wow that sounds like a brilliant time for the two of you, it’s nice to take a little time out before the baba comes as you’ll be so busy then! Did you know you’re not meant to have a gel manicure when you head into hospital for labour? I didn’t know until I was heavily pregnant and planning one before I went in but I’m sure you already know!

    • Sinead K
      Sinead K
      May 25, 2016 at 10:52 pm

      i can’t have anything on as I’m a section!!!

  • Reply
    May 26, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve had two sections and had gel nails on my hands both times without an issue. Once either your bands or toes are clear, you’re fine. They were able to check my toes as needed. I was glad my hands at least were fine.

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