The Balm Even Steven Foundation

It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to foundations. I like a foundation to be long wearing, medium/full coverage and I want it to make my skin look as flawless as possible. In fact, if it could make me look 15 years younger, that would be an even bigger bonus!! You could say I have fairly high expectations from foundations.

The latest release from The Balm, is the Even Steven whipped foundation. It is said to have a light airy texture. I am not going to lie, when I heard the word whipped, I had flashbacks of the horrific Maybelline Moose I wore while in college!! However, I was pleasantly surprise by Even Steven!!

Shade Range: The shade range for Even Steven is not amazing. There are only 8 shades available and they tend to run a little on the pink side. From what I can see the only shades that have yellow undertones are medium and mid medium. However, I did match quite well to the light shade and with tan the light medium shade. I wear Mac nc 25 for reference and even though the light shade is a pink undertone it isn’t overly so.

Packaging: Even Steven comes in a 13.4ml tub. Don’t be put off by how little product there is,as you genuinely only need a tiny amount of product. I like the fact that it comes in a tub, as I can use just the right amount of product that is needed. I am not sure how hygienic it is dipping my brush in and out of the product but since I am the only one using it, I am not going to think too much into that.

Texture: This is a really unusual texture. The Balm describe it as a light, airy, souffle like texture . It spreads unbelievably well on the skin and while the finish and longevity are unreal, the texture throws me. No matter how much I buff this into my skin, I can feel it on my face. It almost feels like it is moving, but It isn’t moving. I have set it with a powder and yet I can still feel the foundation on my skin. It doesn’t bother me enough to stop wearing it but it is worth noting, as it does annoy me a little.

Finish: The finish of the Even Steven foundation, is definitely on the matte side. I wouldn’t say it is fully matte that it feels drying on your skin but the finish looks matte. I really like the finish of this foundation. If you use just the right amount of product it looks incredible but be careful because it does go mask like if you use even the smallest amount too much.

Coverage: This is a medium/ full coverage foundation . The Balm recommend that you only need to use a very small amount of product to achieve good coverage . Normally, I have to use a lot more than the recommended amount of foundation to get the coverage I want, but you really only need a very teeny tiny amount of this. It applies really easily and gives coverage straight away. This is not a buildable foundation, as I found when I applied more than the smallest amount, it just felt and looked mask like.

Lasting Power: I didn’t hold out much hope for the lasting power of this foundation, as the texture didn’t feel like it was going to stay in place. However, I was really surprised by just how long it lasted. For the most part it really doesn’t budge. I personally need to wear a primer with it, as the days I didn’t, it sat in the pores on my cheeks a little. I found that it did cover my freckles and gave a really even finish.

Skin Type: I don’t normally know straight off the bat what type of skin a foundation would suit, but if you’ve dry skin, this is not for you. It will cling to dry areas. This is more for those that are normal or oil.

Price: A tub of Even Steven will set you back €22 and is available on Cloud 1o Beauty and Debenhams.

Overall, I have really been enjoying this foundation. While the shade range isn’t amazing, the finish and the staying power more than make up for that. This foundation will 100% be one that I wear a lot over the coming months.

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