Banish makeup wipes forever with the Cleanse off mitt

Last week I put up a picture of the Cleanse off mitt on The Beautiful Truth Facebook page. There was a lot of interest in this post and people were dying to know what it was and how they could get their hands on it. So what is it?

The mitt is designed to take off every scrap of makeup by using just water and the mitt itself. There is no need for cleanser, just water and the mitt. It is designed with speed in mind. I mean we all know that we have to take our makeup off  at night but the effort of it is a right pain. The Cleanse off mitt promises to make makeup removal quick and easy. So how does it work?

The mitt fits easily over your hand and you then soak it in water. You gently wipe it over your face in a circular motion to remove all evidence of your makeup. It is important to be gentle when you use this and not pull at your skin. When you come to the eye area you can easily remove mascara and eyeliner. So did it work? In one word, Yes. 

?I was actually shocked that it worked. How could I get my mascara off without cleanser? I did find that I was a little heavy handed and had to make sure to be gentle, especially around my eyes. The cleanse off mitt took off every single scrap of makeup without any cleanser. Even my mascara! The best part about it for me was that it was quick. Like seriously quick. Faster than makeup wipes quick. If you are using this it is important to moisture after as I found my skin wasn’t as soft as with cleanser but once I moisturised it was perfect.
The mitt was fairly filthy after I used it. You can clean it after every use with some anti bacterial soap and then once a week, pop it in the washing machine on a 60 degree wash. I have washed mine and it comes up really clean. 
Would I recommend this? Absolutely at €5it is a bargain. The mitt is reusable and has a life spans of 3-6 months. The Cleanse off mitt launches in pharmacies around the country  or on the Beauty emporium website. 

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