Banish ugly feet with Simon & Tom’s Callus removing gel

DSC_2892It is a rare occasion that you will catch me blogging about feet, but the Simon & Tom Callus removing gel is something that needed to be shared. This Callus removing gel is an at home pedicure kit, which is said to remove the hard skin and callus from your feet, while at the same the nourishing and hydrating them. So does it actually work?

Many of you will know that I am personally not a fan of feet at all and I even sometimes find it hard doing my own toe nails. So when this popped through my door, I was a little nervous to give it a try and it sat idle for a few weeks. However, about a two weeks or so ago, Mr Beautiful Truth turned to me one night in bed and ever the romantic said ” You need to sort your feet out, they feel seriously rough”. I was beyond disgusted. The cheek of him!! It did however send me running to the bathroom with the callus gel in hand that very next weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 20.45.11The gel comes in a 100ml tube and has a very generous amount of product. By my estimations you would get at least 4 applications from one tube. It also comes with a scraper for removing the product and the dead skin. However, as per the instructions you do need to wear gloves when applying the gel and these are not provided. This is a little bit of an oversight on Simon & Tom’s behalf, but as I had a box of latex gloves in the kitchen, it was no big deal.

As per the instructions, you must soak your feet for a few minutes and then pat dry. Apply the gel and leave it on your feet for 30-60 seconds before scrapping off with the scrapper provided. Sounds easy enough and it was, only that I don’t own a bath or a basin. In fact I was a disaster. I got gel and water everywhere!  If you are a little bit more organised, this can actually be quite a relaxing treatment, so it is important to set yourself up before hand and do it preferably at the side of the bath, or even better when you’re just about finished having your bath. I instead, sat on the bathroom floor and let my feet soak under the shower for about 5 minutes. I then dried off my feet and began to apply the gel. I left it on for about 60 seconds on the first foot and 90 on the second. As I began to scrape, I could clearly see the dead skin coming off. It was disgusting, but at the same time a little bit satisfying. Don’t judge, you would feel the very same.  I would personally suggest that you have a little bowl of water to rinse the scrapper off in each time you remove some gel. Once I had removed all the gel, I stuck my feet back under the shower and throughly rinsed all the gel off.


Before and after

Before and after

Before and after

Once I dried my feet off, there was an obvious difference in their appereane. The gel had genuinely removed a lot of the hard skin. My only wish was that I had left the gel on for maybe 3o seconds longer and scraped a little harder when removing, as I think that this would have removed even more hard skin, but that was my own fault, rather than that of the gel.

Would I recommend the Simon & Tom Callus remover gel? Absoluetly yes. As you can see from the pictures, this is fantastic for removing hard skin and leaves your feet feeling super soft. Will I buy it again? 100%  yes. Especially on the run up to the summer and the wedding. When your feet are on show, the last thing you want people to see is nasty looking hard skin on your heels.

If you suffer from hard skin on your feet, this is a must try product. I have had great results. A 100ml tube of the Simon & Tom Callus removing gel costs €24.90 here and considering you get a number of uses from a tube, this is far cheaper than paying for a pedicure in a salon.

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    January 6, 2015 at 11:37 am

    I think this kit is great,
    I got this for my dad.
    Is working well my mom said.
    thx Sinead

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