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Before you read this post I feel there should be a little disclaimer. I am a failure as a female. I can’t for the life of me apply nail varnish properly . I would say a male builder would do a better job than I do. In saying that let me tell you about my latest obsession. Barry M nail paint.

I am a little late to this bandwagon as I know many bloggers have been raving about these for a while now. I have bought a small selection of their nail varnishes, my favourite being the Gelly Hi Shine nail paints. These bad boys are the absolute business.

The Gelly Hi shine nail paint gives the same look as shellac. No it doesn’t last anywhere near as long, but it does last longer than most nail varnishes. I get a good 2 and a half or 3 days out of the Gelly Hi shine nail paint before it starts to chip. I know for some people this doesn’t sound very long, but for me and my dodgy nails this is nothing short of a miracle.

Like the Gelly Hi shine nail paint, the plain old nail paint is very pigmented and with all the
colours except  raspberry, you only need one coat to get a good coverage.

Excuse the dodgy application

It is hard to pick a favourite as I love all the colours, but if you pushed me I would pick watermelon. It’s just so pigmented.

Barry M can be bought in most Boots with Liffey Valley having the most amazing selection. Prices vary but the Gelly Hi Shine is the most expensive and costs €5.99. You can see the full range here.

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