Best Beauty Products 2017

Ready for my top picks for 2017? Apart from two products, I have only included items that I tried for the first time in 2017. There were lots that came close to making the cut but the products below were 100% my top picks from last year.a



Winner: L’oreal Pureology.

There are so many things I love about this shampoo. First off it is sulphate free which is a must for me. As I wear Gold Fever hair extensions, I must use a sulphate free shampoo to help protect the bond. However, sulphate free shampoo is also a must for coloured hair too, as it won’t strip the colour from your hair, but instead will help prolong your colour.

Secondly, I love the fact that this shampoo lathers. It can be difficult to get a good lather from a sulphate free shampoo but this one lathers up beautifully and leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean. Not only does it leave it feeling clean but  I find I only have to wash my hair every four days now!

I can’t recommend this shampoo highly enough. Anyone I have recommended this to, has loved it just as much as I have. It honest to god is well worth buying. You can buy it in Peter Marks for 18.50 or from Look Fantastic for 13.95 here.

You can read a full review here

Runner Up: Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo

If you’re after a little bit of volume for your hair, then maybe the Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo might be more up your street. I did find this a one a little more difficult to get the hang of, but once I did, I loved it.

To use the Moroccan oil extra volume shampoo, I found that you’re better off using a smaller amount of product and washing your hair twice. Once I did this, I found that the shampoo gave my hair good lift and like with the Pureology, it left it really clean. I found with this shampoo I had to wash my hair on the 4th day too.

You can buy Moroccan Oil Shampoo from look fantastic here for 22.45.

Styling Products

Winner: Moroccan oil Dry shampoo

Picking a winner here was a no brainer for me. The Moroccan Oil dry shampoo is hands down one of the best hair products I have ever tried. We are all guilty of trying to get an extra day out of our hair but I was never a huge fan of dry shampoos before. I found a lot of dry shampoos that I tried, left my hair feeling heavy and with a little bit of a white cast. This is 100% the polar opposite with the Moroccan oil dry shampoo. It is so light weight, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy. It also not only cleans the hair but leaves it smelling good too.

The Moroccan oil Dry shampoo comes in two tones. Light tones and dark tones. When sprayed on the hair, there isn’t a sign of any white cast once you massage the product into your hair. Instead it works with the tones in your hair.

Some people might think that 18.45 is mad money to pay for a dry shampoo but as you don’t need to use that much, a bottle lasts for ages. That and the fact I would pay any money not to have to wash my hair!! You can buy the dark tone here  from Look Fantastic and the Light tone here.

Runner up: Glamtex

If you like big hair, then you 100% need to try this back combing spray out. There are two ways to use this. You can spray it onto the roots of dry hair for some instant volume. Or you back spray it and then back comb your hair for  mega volume. Think of the phrase ” the bigger the hair, the closer to god” and that’s how big you can get your hair with this.

I don’t have a price as this was gifted to me by Rachel in Shush Hair Design and it seems hard to come by online. This is a salon based product but I know you can purchase it from Rachel and she will post it for E5. You can contact Rachel here.

Hair tools

Winner: L’Oreal Steampod

I would say people are sick of hearing me talk about the Steam pod, so I am gonna keep this brief. It is brilliant because it gets your hair super straight, super fast. It keeps your hair straight longer. It is really good for thick hair and it is less damaging on the hair. Only down side is that it is bulky. The pod can fall over and spill and it’s not cheap .You can buy the Steampod for 154e on Look Fantastic here.

Runner Up: Instyler Cerasilk

The Cerasilk has only been in my life a short time but I am very impressed with it. It straightens your hair fast. Leaves it lovely and silky with a bit of a gloss on it and it is nice and light weight with a really long cord. I do feel the steampod is faster but that fact that the Cerasilk is light weight and travel friendly is the reason I had to include it as a runner up and great alternative to the steampod.

Skin care

Winner: Image Illuma Serum

It is no surprise that my skincare category is full of Image Skincare but this year Image changed my skin. My stand out product has to be the lluma serum. Illuma is said to help with redness and pigmentation while at the same time brightening you skin. Of all the Image products I used, this one 100% does what is says on the bottle. My skin was brighter, pigmentation was slightly reduced and any redness I had was gone. Although to be fair, redness wasn’t a real issue for me.

I used this every single day. I applied it as my first product and then everything else went on top of it. If you would like to hear more about my skincare routine, you can check out this video here. ( video was sponsored)

It is expensive at €51.50 but it lasts about 2.5 months, although it probably would last longer if you weren’t such a greedy guts like me when using it! Like with any cosmeceutical products, I would recommend going for a consultation to find out if it is the right product for you. Although I love this and highly recommend it, this might not be the product you need.

Runner Up: Image Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler

This serum is quite literally botox in a bottle. I have used other Hyaluronic acids before but nothing compares with this. This not only offers your skin hydration but it fills out the dehydration lines, makes the skin look plumper and more youthful. It is such a brilliant product. I use this at night time and seal it in with the Image Vital C Hydrating repair mask.


Winner: Note Luminous Moisturising foundation 

I know I have spoken about this foundation a million and one times but it is just that good. I have drawers of foundations and lots that I love, but the Luminous Moisturising foundation is one I reach for again and again. It gives your skin a beautifully smooth finish, a fabulous glow and it wears really well! The shade range is a bit pants but if you can find a shade to suit, it is well worth giving it a go. At only €9.95 a tube you can hardly go wrong. You can pick it up here. I wear the shade 03.

Runner Up: L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation

It is unusual that I have 1 budget foundation in my favourites never mind two but this year, the new budget foundations I tried, far surpassed the high-end. The L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation is a high coverage foundation that comes in 5 shades. I personally wear shade 20 sand. This is a lovely smooth foundation the blends beautiful into the skin. While this is  matte foundation, I don’t find it dry at all. Instead it gives a glow from within. It also lasts all day!! Honestly, this stays put for oily skinned ladies too. In fact this foundation is probably more suited to normal to oily ladies. You can read a full review here and  buy it from Boots for €12.99


Winner: Benefit Hoola Quicke contour stick

If you follow me on snapchat, this will come on no surprise. Normally I am not a fan of cream contour but this is fantastic! The Hoola Quicke contour stick is a beautiful warm and subtle cream contour stick. This is so easy to use. Basically, I apply a streak into the hollows of my cheek and then blend it in with the Nima Ingrid brush . It blends so beautifully and without any hassle and give such a gorgeous warmth to the face. Instead of a dirty streak of contour, you get a lovely warm subtle contour. Honest to god I love this. My only complaint is that mine broke. I did have it in my bag quite a bit, and I was travelling a lot with it but the product fell out of the tube. It isn’t really an issue as I can still use it, but it is something worth mentioning. In fact I have used it so much, I only have a nub left! That says a lot! You can buy the Benefit Quickie Contour stick from Cloud 10 Beauty for €30 here.

Runner up: Sculpted by Aimee Connolly

 I love this palette. I know this is technically both highlighter and contour but the colour of this bronzer and how beautiful it wears on the skin, meant I had to include it. Sculpted now comes in both the original and the rose gold shades. The bronzer is the same in both the palettes but I think I prefer the Rose Gold highlighters. I would normally opt for a powder highlighter but I adore the cream highlighter in the Rose Gold palette. However, no matter what palette you go for, the bronzer is fabulous and so gorgeous on the skin. You can pick them up from Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy here. 


Winner: Laura Gellar Gilded honey

So technically this wasn’t a new product to me, but at least 90% of the time when I did my makeup, this was the highlighter I reached for.  This is an incredibly beautiful golden toned highlighter. The glow that Gilded Honey gives is incredible! It applies beautifully to the skin and can be used as a relatively subtle highlighter or built for mega glow. While Laura Geller is available in Debenhams for €28 here,  it is a lot cheaper on Beauty Bay at €18.70 .

Runner Up: Cover FX Custom Enhancer drops – Moonlight

The only reason these drops are runner up and not a winner, is because I have only had them a few weeks and I feel they need to be put through their paces a little bit more. However, that being said these drops are unreal! I have heard people talk about the custom enhancer drops for a while now but when I was given a sample to try, I saw that the hype was a million percent worth it. They can be used in three ways. All over you skin as a glow before you foundation. Mixed in with your foundation to make it look more glowy. or my favourite way is to wear it as a liquid highlighter on the top of my cheekbones. My god the glow!! It is also worth nothing that his is a 100% vegan friendly product, as are all Cover FX products. You can buy a full size from Cult Beauty for €38 here.


Winner: Mac Extra Dimension blusher in precious petals

I bought two shades of the Extra Dimension blusher while going through The Loop during the summer. I initially picked up the shade faux sure but the sales assistant persuaded me to buy fairly precious too. I was afraid at first that it was too glittery, as in the pan it looks to be more of a chunky shimmer. Yet, when applied to the cheeks it is just beautiful. It is a peachy glow and there isn’t a hint of glitter insight. This is expensive for a blusher at €29 but it is extremely beautiful if you’re looking to treat yourself. You can buy it from Brown Thomas here.

Runner Up: Wet N Wild Colour Icon Blushers

If you stick an extra €10 on the price of these blushers, they would still be worth it. The colour Icon blushers come in a huge pan, they’re super pigmented and they last so well on the cheek. Rumour has it Pearlesent pink is a dupe for Nars Orgasma too!! I don’t have an exact price for these but they retail around €4.99


Winner: Urban Decay Trouble Maker

This winner was a real no brainer for me. I love the Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara. It gives me great length, volume and it  holds all day long. Not only that but it doesn’t flake or smudge from one end of the day to the next. I will say, that when I posted a picture of this mascara on Instagram, loads didn’t like it! Just goes to show what works for one might not for another! I however, will 100% be repurchasing this when it runs out. You can buy a full size in Debenehams for €23.50 here and a travel size for €11 here.

Runner up: iGlow Long Lashes serum

Ok, so I know this isn’t a mascara but I had to include it somewhere! This stuff is pure magic!!!! Basically it is a serum that you apply to clean lashes every night for 8 weeks. If you are consistent with it, it is said to make your lashes grow. I was sceptical but my god it works. I used it religiously for about 4 weeks and saw length, volume and curl in my lashes. I got lazy with it then and was a little more sporadic about how I used it, but still my lashes grew. Have a look here to see the length Laura’s View got from it when she used it consistently! Only that I know her and have seen her lashes in real life, I would have thought she was wearing false lashes!! A tube of the serum costs €59 here but the code Laura gets you €10 off.


Winner: Benefit Ka Brow

I love a good brow gel and this is by far my most used. Ka Brow is a beautifully creamy consistency. It applies to the brows like an absolute dream and lasts really well all day with little or no moving or smudging. I use the brush that comes with the brow gel but you can use your own if you prefer! It comes in 6 shades and I wear the shade number 3. You can buy Ka Brow from Debenhams here for €26.

Runner Up: Cailyn Gelux

The texture of the brow gel is different from other brow gels that I have used, as I find that this has a little more of a waxy consistency. I find that due to the consistency of the gel there is a little bit more control when applied to the brows and you can sculpt out your brows a little more that with other brow products .The Gelux eyebrow is available in four shades. Hazelnut, Cocoa, Oak and espresso. I use the shade Cocoa.  You can buy the Gelux Eyebrow gel for €20 here


Winner: The Balm Schwing

Hands down this is the best eyeliner around. It is jet black. It lasts all day with no fade, or smudging and it is one of the easier liners to apply. Although I wouldn’t recommend this one for a novice. Considering the fact I have a number of liners on the go, I have used this to the point I have repurchased it myself. You can buy Schwing liner from Debenhams here for €15.50

Runner Up: Pixi Eye Define Waterline tightline black

This is 100% the best pencil liner I have ever used! Ever! It is creamy and easy to apply with no drag. It is very very black and stays on the lower lash liner forever! Not only that but it lasts for ages! Like with the Schwing liner, this is another product I initially received as a press drop but I went out and bought it again myself. You can buy it from Look Fantastic for €15.50 here.


Winner: Too Faced Born this way concealer

While, I am not personally a fan of the Too Faced born this way foundation, I absolutely love the concealer. This is yet another product that I have used to the very last drop! This is a little tube of creamy goodness. It does a fantastic job of covering my dark circles without settling in my fine lines and it also does an unreal job of brightening the under eye area. There are 12 shades to pick from and I wear the shade fair. You can pick it up in Debenhams or online here for €24

Runner up: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye Illuminator

This is a full coverage, anti ageing waterproof concealer and it is so good! This is a little bit of a different consistency to other concealers I have recommended in the past. When I say a little goes a long way with this, I really mean a microscopic dot witll do each eye. The consistency is far thicker than I normally use, so applying it with you ring finger will get you the best results. I would advise setting this with a powder, as I find it can move a little bit if not set. This is like a complete block for dark circles, while brightening up the under eye area at the same time.


Winner: Urban Decay Naked Heat

When it came to Naked Palettes, I have always sat a little on the fence. They were grand but just grand if you get me. When the Naked Heat palette came out, I was afraid of all the hype but finally caved and bought it. This really is a beauty that deserves every bit of hype and more. It has 12 shades, 4 shimmers and 8 mattes, that all compliment each other beautifully. They a creamy as creamy can be and then blend so beautifully. They are actually just a pleasure to work with. The only thing I will say about this palette is the shades are not for the faint hearted. They are quite full on and lean more to the dramatic side. They also are beyond pigmented so a light touch is needed so you don’t apply to much shadow. You can buy the Naked Heat Palette from Debenhams for €47.50 here.

Runner Up: Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions

I wasn’t going to include this palette in my favourites as I have only had it for two months, but I have honestly used it more in those two months than most other newbie palettes in my drawer! I love this palette. It contains 9 shadows, 1 shimmer and 8 mattes. The shades are all warm tones as the name suggests and they pack serious colour pay off. I do find the shimmer is better applied with your finger or with a damp brush, as it is a little hard to use. I feel for such a compact palette the shadows included are spot on and even have a matte cream which I love for setting my lid. There are 4 other Obsessions palettes and I have the Mauve one too but I am not a lover of that one. You can buy the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions for €29 on Cult Beauty here.

This post contains some PR samples and some products I bought myself. There are also affiliate links but n to every links is an affiliate link and the websites are named in case you would prefer not to use the links provided. 

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