Best Travel Beauty Buys (Budget Friendly!)

So for today’s guest post, Lorraine from John, It’s Only Makeup is talking all about budget friendly Travel Beauty Buys. I have been following Lorraine’s blog for a really long time now, and it is one of my staple every day reads. Lorraine blogs about all types of beauty products, but if you’re a fan of budget friendly products, then Lorraine is your only woman. Seriously, this woman must go through some amount of makeup, because she posts new blog posts all the time!! John, It’s Only Makeup has recently had a brand new design and it is well worth checking out.  Oh and I forgot to mention. Her photographs are seriously drool worthy. You can check out Lorraine’s blog here and don’t forget to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on Snapchat @lorrainehaigney

If, like me, you’ve already been on your holidays, look away!  Today is all about the best travel beauty buys, and will probably have you longing for cocktails and beaches. If you’re setting off soon, you’re in luck. I’ve got a zillion travel beauty tips.

Now, for the most part, you don’t want to take the risk of carting your super expensive beauty stash 30,000 feet into the air and across the globe. So, the focus is on budget options that will see you through your trip.



You can go for whatever floats your boat with lips, but I think the smartest choice is a creamy balm, something that will be forgiving on lips that have been air conditioned into oblivion by planes and hotel rooms. The new Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm range, €11.99, is just the man for the job.

A quick swipe provides a subtle wash of colour. As the name suggests, whacking on a few more layers intensifies the shade until it’s bright and bold. So, there’s something for everyone – especially if you want one you can wear on the beach, then build up for wearing at night.

Of the shades, my favourites are the bright orange Posh Poppy and the very pretty Charming Coral. I’ve swatched ’em all on my lips over on my blog, if you want to research your options before you hit the shops.



I love a good brow wax and shadow combo, but nothing beats a pencil when you’re limited on space and don’t want to waste valuable beach time constructing the perfect arch.

Whatever one you choose, be sure it has a little spoolie on the end so you can comb your brows into place. I’m loving the Catrice Brow Stylist, €2.79. All the shades I’ve tried (I dye my hair A LOT) are cool, ashy and natural. Plus, it’s cheap as chips and has that handy comb on the end.

Oh, and if you do bring a pencil, for the love of all that is holy, bring a sharpener! I’ve been away from home, half a brow in place and my pencil has snapped. I never want another person to be left as I was, trying to whittle a point using a butter knife. Penneys stock one that has a clear dome to catch shavings, and has two width fittings for crayons as well as slim liners.

The New Maybelline The Nudes Palette, €14.99, might be getting mixed reviews, but I’ve been getting on so well with it. The shades work well together, the quality is good and you get a mix of shimmer, satin and matte textures.

If that’s too much choice, the neat shadow trios from Wet ‘n’ Wild, €4.59, are just as lovely. They’re dinky, cheaper than a happy meal and get the job done. No frills, but grand altogether for the task in hand.



The beauty of bases that have SPF is that topping up your protection is much easier. For light coverage and a lot of glow, check out Boots Soltan BB Cream SPF 50, €8.50. For a more matte finish, try La Roche Posay Anthelios Blur SPF 50, €19.50. This comes in one shade, with the promise that it magically blends to match your complexion. I don’t buy that claim, so this one is best for those with sallow skin or a tan.

If you’re planning on topping up your SPF separately, I can’t recommend L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte, €11.99, enough. It’s full coverage and properly matte, but not a bit flat or dry. The staying powder is incredible, there’s not a type of weather in the world that’s a match for its longevity.

Everyone and their granny has a Sleek Face Form palette, €13.49, because they’re so bloody clever. A highlight shade, a contour shade and a universally flattering blush in one tidy compact. Bonus points, there’s a decent mirror in the lid.

So, that’s you sorted! If you’ve found a beauty product that made your holiday routine fast and easy, let us know in the comments!

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    Sharon Leavy
    July 10, 2015 at 2:43 pm

    I always forget about that Sleek palette! The tip about the sharpener is invaluable – lipliners, eyeliners, brow pencils – the buggers are almost guaranteed to snap if you’re staying somewhere without a chemist or big shop nearby at all hours of the morning. My tweezers snapped on holiday once! Hello yeti brows.

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