Blank Canvas Cosmetics Borderlines eyeliner

DSC_3395It seems like the beauty world is flooded with eyeliner pens at the moment. Trying to weed out the good from the not so good is a hard task, but thankfully it is one I am more than up for.

Over the past year or so I have tried my fair share of eyeliner pens, and in my hunt for the perfect pen, I really have tried some amount of muck. While at the same time I have come across some real gems too. I am very picky when it comes to eyeliners, but high standards are needed when it comes to achieving the perfect winged liner!

My latest find is the Blank Canvas Borderlines eyeliner. I am a massive fan of Blank Canvas makeup brushes, and in particular their eyeshadow brushes, so I was dying to get my hands on this liner. I had heard Aisling from Total Makeup addict rave about this liner, and as I take her word as gospel, this was something I had to have.

DSC_3401Blank Canvas have two eyeliner pens, Borderlines and Wing it. While I haven’t tried the Wing it pen, from looking online, it looks like a longer nib, which I personally find a little harder to work with, but don’t take my word on that, as that is just my impression from looking at the pictures.  The nib on the Borderlines pen, is seriously fantastic. It has a great level of stiffness and yet bends and moves with your hand as you create your flick. I honestly found that the nib gave you are real helping hand when applying the liner, and it was kinda hard to go wrong with it. This makes it perfect for even the novice and

IMG_3122Colour wise, Borderlines is described as an extreme black colour. While it is fairly black, I personally find that it dries to be a little bit of a duller colour than I prefer. In saying that, that is not a fault of the pen, and it is a great colour for daytime, but I love a jet black colour when going out at night. As the nib did such a good job creating a winged line, I found that at night, I would draw in the liner using the Borderlines pen and then go over it with my Inglot gel liner in no 77.

Where this liner comes into it’s own, is with it’s lasting power. I swear to god, this thing doesn’t budge. Yes it will fade slightly, but  once your line is applied, it will be perfect all day long. I even find that I need a good strong eye makeup remover to get it fully off at night, as it tends to leave a mark behind if I don’t.

While personally, I still prefer my Physcicans formula eyeliner, the Borderlines eyeliner pen is coming is at a close second. The perfection of the nib of the Borderlines pen just can’t be over looked and for €9.99 it is definitely worth a try.It is also far easier to source than the physicians formula pen.  You can pick it up on the Blank Canvas website. You can see the Borderlines pen in action at around the 4min 45 second mark in the video below.


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