Blank Canvas Master series palette

Blank Canvas Master series paletteLast year saw the release of the Blank Canvas Master series palette and if I am to be completely honest, although everyone was raving about this palette, I personally didn’t hold out much hope for it, as I didn’t love the Pippa palette the way everyone else did. Yet every so often a product comes along that takes you completely by surprise and over the past few months, the Master Series palette has wormed it’s way into the deepest corners of my heart! For me, this is love!

This palette was quite literally made for my eyes!! At this stage, the readers of The Beautiful Truth, know my love of warm toned eyeshadow and to be honest, you really are not going to find a better collection of warm brown shadows anywhere else than in this palette. The Master series one palette has 11 matte shades and one shimmery shades and it a mix of warm and colt ones. What I really like about this mix of shades is that the cool tones are not the extreme other end of the shade spectrum to the warm tones, so that they still work really well together.

Blank Canvas Master series paletteThe majority of the shadows in this palette have great colour payoff and some of the shadows are just unreal when it comes to their pigment. Yet for me not all the shadows in this palette are equal, as I find the payoff of the browns shades and darker colours to be far superior to the 2 lightest shades. In fact I wouldn’t really be a fan of Lily and Goddess, as the colour payoff of these two colours when applied to the lids, is nowhere near as good as the other 10 shades. I find that they are a little too much on the light side for my skin tone. On different skin tones however, these could work really well, so don’t let how they worked on me turn you off.  Also, the other colours in the palette more than make up for these two  shades.


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-17-01-51For me the real stand outs of the palette are Hibiscus, Carmin, Cocoa, Forza and strut. These are by far my most used shades in the palette. I find the colour payoff to be fantastic on these shades and if you have blue eyes, these really will make your eyes pop. Not only that but they really complement each other. You can do so many looks using these shades alone, never mind including the other colours in the palette. Often I find with palettes I create the same two or three looks again and again but with this palette, the looks you can create are endless, as all the colours work so well together.


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-17-03-44I find that the texture of the shadows is a little on the powdery side and while the blend really well, I need to wear a primer or they will wear off after a few hours. Once I have a primer applied to the lids, they last really well throughout the day and the longevity is no longer an issue. I used the Push Makeup Rudy Nudy and find that this works brilliantly with the palette.


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-17-05-31The palette itself is housed in a sturdy cardboard box with a decent sized mirror. Another real selling point of this palette is it comes with a brush that you would actually use!! So often I end up forgetting about brushes that come with palettes but the brush in the Master Series palette is great. It is a double ended brush with the e40 on one side that you can use to apply shadow to the lid and the E41 on the other side for blending.

DSC_1095For me this is the perfect everyday palette. There are so many looks you can create, with everything from the one colour wash of colour to full on intricate looks. You can buy it on Molloys Pharmacy for €34.95 or direct from Blank Canvas for €34.99. If you order from Molloys use the code Beautiful20 for 20% off ( this is not an affiliate coded) Honestly I can’t sing high enough praise for this palette, I simply adore it.





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