Blogger mail: The good, the bad and the ugly

blogger mailAs a blogger, I am fortunate enough to try out a lot of new products every month. Somethings I love, some a bit meh and others are just not great at all. With so much product coming through the door, I don’t always find the time to write individual blog posts reviewing everything I get. In fact at the moment I am finding it hard to get more than one post a week up! So to try and tell you about as much new makeup bits as possible, I have decided to write a new monthly series.

Each month, I am going to write a post telling you about a number of new items I have tried out. Even if I only tried something two or three times and it didn’t float my boat, well it’s going into the post. This will give you more instant feedback on products, rather than waiting an eternity for a full review.

So are you ready for the first post in this new blogger mail series?

Sculpted Palette by Aimee Connolly

Sculpted Palette by Aimee ConnollyThe sculpted by Aimee Connolly palette has been in my life for about a two months now and it has received quite consistent use. The sculpted palette was created by the extremely talented Irish makeup artist, Aimee Connolly. The palette contains an ashy toned bronzer, as well as a cream and powder highlighter.

Over the past few weeks, this palette has made a very regular appearance in my makeup routine. I really like the bronzer, as I find it has great colour pay off but doesn’t look muddy on your face. It is also very easy to blend.  I use the sculpted brush to contour with the bronzer and find that it applies the perfect amount of product.

When it comes to the highlighters, I find that you need to use both of them together to get the most from them. I apply the cream highlighter and layer the powder on top. While the powder is lovely on it’s own, I I personally I don’t get enough glow from the cream highlighter. However, I am a fiend for a mega glow and most cream highlighters are the same on me!

The palette costs €24.95 and you can buy it from Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy here. If you fancy a discount, use Beautiful20 for 20% off ! ( Not an affiliate discount)

Viseart Blusher palette

Viseart Blusher paletteFirst off, let me start by telling you that this palette is not cheap! It comes in at an absolutely whopping €77.80! I know scandalous. However, if product is really incredible, I often don’t mind spending big bucks. However, this palette is nowhere near worth spending that amount of money on!

Ok to be fair I think a huge part of what I don’t like about this palette is the colours. They are just too bright for me to use on my cheeks without looking like Aunt Sally. There is a fantastic colour payoff but I do find they are a little hard to blend. For me this is a bit of a miss when it comes to a blusher palette, but as an eyeshadow palette….  now that is a whole other story! You can buy Visearts from Beauty Bay here.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alpha H Liquid GoldThis is one product that will 100% get it’s own blog post but for now let me give you a little insight into my first impressions.

Alpha H Liquid Gold is one of those cult beauty favourites that so many people rave about, but as I have sensitive skin , I have been a little nervous to try it out.Until now that is!

It is said to be a face lift in a bottle. Applied using a cotton pad going to bed at night, this is said to brighten  dull and ageing skin. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, black heads, pores, pigmentations, wrinkles and scarring. While it is too early to say if it does everything it says on the tin, what I can say is, from first use I noticed a difference in my skin. It felt tighter, and any rough texture was gone. This is 100% a product that I will use to the end and review fully. If you fancy trying it out yourself, you can buy the 100ml bottle from Cloud 10 beauty for €35.95.

Ever Pro Beauty Zero Grey

Ever Pro Beauty Zero GreyUnfortunately I am one of the unlucky ladies whose grey comes through quite fast. Within two weeks of getting my colour done, I have a decent amount of grey at the front of my hair line and all down my parting. Within 5 weeks of my colour, I am sporting a fairly decent badger stripe. Keeping my hair looking relatively grey free is a costly business.

Over the years I have tried a number of grey away sprays with varying levels of success. However, Zero Grey blows them all out of the water.

Like many other root touch up products, this is a spray on colour. The nozzel on this spray is quite thin and accurate when spraying. It is a little harder around the very edges but this is the most accurate out of all the sprays I have tried, as it doesn’t go everywhere!

I found that this also didn’t leave my hair feeling product heavy. Instead, it felt somewhat like that of a dry shampoo and once you brushed through your hair at the end of the day, there was no feeling of residue. It wore well throughout the day, had little to no transfer and it didn’t drip down my face in the rain!

There are a multitude of blonde and brunette shades to pick from. It also comes in a powder form too, which is great for around the edges. You can get it from Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy for €12.95 or if they don’t have your shade in stock SuperDrug have it in stock too here.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick – Underage red

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick - Underage redThis blue toned red lipstick is my first to try from the Kat Von D Studded Kiss collection. This is a matte Fire engine red colour and a real timeless colour.

Once applied there is no budging this lipstick. There is no feathering and little to no movement. However, as beautiful and long lasting as it is,  after a few hour, it gets rather uncomfortable! To be fair, I don’t think this is a fault of the lipstick, but rather my lips are just not great with matte long wearing lipsticks at the moment. After two or three hours of wear, I found that it began to feel like it was going into balls on my lips! I had to wipe it off the few times I wore it, as it got too uncomfortable.

I am not gonna lie, I am a little devastated because it is honestly so incredibly beautiful on. If you’ve old lady lips like me, this might not be one for you. However, if you’ve lips that are lovely and moist, then this is well worth checking out! You can buy it from Debenhams here for €21.

Flormar Deluxe cashmere Lipsticks

If you follow me on snapchat, you will have heard me talk about these lipsticks again and again. The Flormar Delux Cashmere lipsticks are incredibly comfortable to wear. They wear well on the lips throughout the day without being drying and their nude shades are perfect for daytime or night time. I have worn absolute nude quite a bit over the past few weeks and I have paired it up with a number of Flormar nude toned lipliners or mac Whirl. You can buy them from Pharmacies nationwide for €5.95 or online here.

Janssen Cosmetics Moisture Booster

If you’re looking for something to give your skin instant hydration and make it look a little plumper, then you need to check out the janssen Cosmetics Hyaluron fluid Moisture booster.

This is a 7 day, moisture boost for your skin that contains both long and short chain Hyaluronic acid. This basically means, it will not only moisturise and smooth your skin, but it will do so at a deeper level of the skin. There are 7 little viles in a box, but there is a lot of product in each vile, that you can nearly get two days out of each one! I noticed a visible difference within two days of using these! I felt that my skin was absolutely more hydrated but I also felt that it had plumped out my fine lines a little. My skin looked more youthful and my foundation sat better. These are 100% going in my bag for my holidays, as my skin tends to dry out on long flights and in the sun!

You can buy these direct from the Janssen cosmetics page f0r €20 or you can find a list of stockists here.


The Body Shop White Musk L’Eau

I am kicking it old school with my last product! Talk about a throw back. I wore white musk in secondary school and had all the body washes and soaps to match it! This time The Body shop are putting a new twist on their old school classic.

This is a a different scent to the original and also 100% vegan! There are hints of the original white musk, this new perfume has pear notes to it and is very fruit smelling. I am not very good a describing scents but what I will say is go and have a whiff in your nearest Body Shop because I love it!


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