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dsc_2851I’ve decided that it is about time I started a new blog series on The Beautiful Truth. For the next few weeks/months, I am going to focus on my favourite products from different brands. I will also throw in a clanger or two if there are items I am not overly fond of by a particular brand.

For my first brand spotlight, I have decided to take a look at some products from Benefit cosmetics. Benefit is a brand that I have actually never featured on the blog. If I am honest, for a very long time, I thought Benefit was extremely over priced for what it was. I think this sentiment harks back to a time when there was a massive price difference between buying Benefit in the UK and Ireland. However, since trying a number of Benefit products over the past few months, I have realised the error in my ways! Not only that, but thanks to Brexit and more level Euro, there really isn’t any difference in price anymore!

Goof Proof Brow Pencil

dsc_2815Last year, Benefit released a whole wardrobe of brow products, to help keep our brows looking perfect. The Loop sent me out a few products from the range to try and the first one to grab my eye was the Goof Prood Brow Pencil.

dsc_2819The Goof Proof Brow pencil is a twist up pencil with a spoolie on the end. The pencil end, isn’t really like a traditional pencil, as the consistency is a little more on the waxy side. It applies to the brows extremely easily as you don’t need to work a lot to get decent coverage from it. Sculpting out your brows isn’t a problem even though the tip is a little thicker than what I normally use. Also because the pencil end is angled, it means that you don’t have to find a sharpener.

dsc_2822I use the shade 3 and find that it gives a good level of coverage and is a perfect tone for my skin tone. I also found that once my brows were filled in, it didn’t fade throughout the day. Although I often set them with Gimme Brow for even more coverage!

As far as brow pencils go, this is expensive at €25.95 but if you find yourself going through the airport, you can pick it up for €20.80. You can buy it from Cloud 10 Beauty here or order through click and collect at The Loop here.


dsc_2840If brow pencils aren’t your thing, Benefit also released their very own brow gel. Ka Brow. I love a good brow gel, but Benefit Ka Brow is streets ahead of anything I’ve tried. I really love this.

dsc_2845Ka Brow is somewhat a beautifully creamy consistency. It applies to the brows like an absolute dream and lasts really well all day with little or no moving or smudging. Again, I set this with the Gimme Brow but it doesn’t need to be set.

dsc_2842The packaging is also gorgeous and it comes with it’s own little angled brush. Personally I don’t like the angled brush that is included, as I like something a little stiffer than the one Benefit supply.

Again you can buy the Ka Brow from Cloud 10 Beauty for €25.95 here and The Loop for €20.80 here.

Gimme Brow

dsc_2809I could nearly make this a one line review and sum everything up by saying, Just buy this!! Gimme brow is a product that you hear bloggers and beauty lovers speak about again and again. Often people are sceptical when a lot of people rave about a product, but with Gimme Brow the hype  is completely justified.

dsc_2814Gimme brow is a brow mascara. The teeny tiny little brush works at perfectly grooming your brows into shape, while at the same time it applies product to your tiny hairs, making your brows look thicker. The gel not only thickens your brows, but also sets them in place leaving your brows literally not budging all day.

I personally don’t have a lot of brow, so for me Gimme Brow thickens out my brows even more. However, if you’re someone that has thick brows this is 100% going to keep your brows in place for the day.

You can buy Gimme brow from any Benefit Counter or from Debenhams online here for €26 here.

They’re Real Mascara


This was my go to mascara a number of years back when it was first released. I can’t actually remember the reason I stopped using it, but when it came back into my life recently, I was shocked by just how good it was.While I am featuring the they’re real mascara as a must have Benefit product, there are pros and cons to it. I will have a quick look at the pros first.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that this mascara will give you incribely long lashes. Not only will it give your lashes length, but it will also give them great volume. I personally have not come across a mascara that does this. The length and volume lasts throughout the day with no flaking or smudging. It really is an incredible mascara.

However, like I said, there is a downside and for me it is how hard it can be to remove the mascara. While certain makeup removers do a better job than others, you really need to take care when taking this off, as your lashes can break because the mascara has your lashes so stiff. Once you find a good remover and take care taking your makeup off, this really is an incredible mascara.

It is expensive at €26, but if you like big, long lashes, then it is worth investing. You can pick it up at any Benefit Counter or online from Debenhams here.

Hoola Bronzer


I actually feel like I need to hang my head in shame a little bit here. How is it, that I’ve only recently tried the famous Hoola Bronzer for the first time? This bronzer is unreal! Shame on all of you for not telling me about it!

dsc_2803This is honestly one of the nicest bronzers I have used. While a light hand is needed on application, this really is the most beautiful warm, yet ashy toned bronzer. It is perfect for both warming up the skin or contouring out the cheekbones. It isn’t powdery, lasts well through out the day and really is just a beaut of a product.

You can buy it from all Benefit counters for €34 or online from Arnotts here

  • There is a mix of both pr samples and products I bought myself in this post
  • This post has some links that are powered by skimlinks. This means that I get a very small percentage of the price of the product if it is bought using this link. You do not get charged any extra,as the price is still the same for you. If you don’t fancy using those links, for the most part I have named the places where you can buy each product yourself. xxx



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