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wedding prepOver the past several weeks, quite a number of you have sent me messages asking could I detail what beauty preparation I did in the run up to the wedding. So many people find that the world of beauty throws so much at them in the run up to their big day, that they don’t know what treatments would actually benefit them the most. There is so many treatments out there, and to be fair while there are many wonderful treatments, there are many that are just looking to capitalise on the bridal market. Every woman wants to look her best at all times, but when it comes to your wedding day you want to look sensational. Hopefully by showing you my preparation, it might help you narrow down your choices.


On the day of your wedding you want your hair to look in the best shape it can possibly be in. I am very fortunate to have found not one, but two fantastic hair dressers.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 21.48.17First up is Rachel out in Shush hair design in Rush co. Dublin. When it comes to hair extensions, I honestly can’t recommend anyone but Rachel. She is seriously amazing!! I knew that for the wedding I wanted to have a set of extensions applied, because although I have a decent head of hair already, I love the length and thickness that a full head of extensions give.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 21.51.31After much discussion with Rachel, I decided that I was going to go with Gold Fever Hair extensions, over my usual Great Lengths. The reason for this being that the Gold Fever hair in my opinion was far superior to other hair that I had felt. It was so natural, and for be the best part was that it had the same thickness from root to tip. You can read a full review of my Gold Fever experience here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 21.51.38I also went to Rachel for my colour, as I find that when wearing extensions you’re best going to a stylist used to dealing with the extensions that you were. I had got regular colours every 6 weeks for about 6 months before the wedding, so by the time the wedding came I had my hair the exact colour I wanted it to be. I got my final colour done exactly one week before the wedding, as I find that colour sits better a few days after it is applied.

DSC_5844For my wedding hair, I had Lisa from Zinc and ladies I can’t rave highly enough about Lisa. I swear to god the morning of the wedding my whole family just wanted to adopt her into our family. I had 2 trials with Lisa, as I couldn’t make up my mind as to what way I wanted to wear my hair. I wear my hair down quite a lot, but I knew the day of the wedding that I wanted to wear it up out of my face so that I didn’t have to worry about it. In the end, we went with a vintage style roll and I’m afraid to say the pictures that I have just don’t do it justice. I’m waiting for my photographers pictures to come back in a few weeks. It was fabulous and it didn’t budge all day.IMG_1527When it came to the bridesmaids hair, I let my sister pick the style on the morning. She wanted the girls to have something soft and she showed Lisa a few pictures. All the girls were delighted with the style that Lisa created. It was nicer than anything I would have picked out for them. I really felt that the hair complimented the dresses and the makeup beautifully.

IMG_1398Honestly when it comes to wedding hair, I 100% can’t tell you how fantastic Lisa was to deal with. While I can’t tell you the price, as it is different for every bridal parties needs, I will say that it was considerably cheaper than a lot of places I had gotten quotes from. You can find Zinc on their Facebook page here or Website here.


Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 00.43.42Lashes are a must for every bride, but it is up to each individual bride as to whether they want the occasion lashes, such as strip or individual lashes, or they would prefer lash extensions. Personally I feel that lash extensions are far more natural looking and natural is the key when it comes to a bride.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 00.45.37For my wedding lashes, I went out to Hannah in Zola in Portmarnock. I have gone to Hannah for quite some time now and I am always delighted with my lashes. They look really natural but at the same time really full, and they last for a long time too. I get at least 4 weeks out of them.

It is really important that when getting lashes that you go to someone who has been recommended to you, as there are far too many people out there that will damage your lashes.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 00.45.26A full set of mink lashes in Zola will cost you €75. You can read a full review of Hannah in this post here. ( Hannah previously went under the name lash queen before she opened her new salon in Portmarnock.


IMG_8268In the months leading up to the wedding, I had a number of different facial, which you can read about here. On top of regular facials, I upped my skincare game big time. I had a skincare specialist in Renaissance clinic in Howth recommend a number of different products to get my skin in tip top shape. I was delighted with how my skin looked on the day. You can read all about my bridal skincare here.


six month clear braces at My Dental clinic

six month clear braces at My Dental clinic

Regular readers of the blog will know that in the run up to the wedding I got six month clear braces applied with My Dental Clinic. I decided to get them applied the at the end of November and was promised that my teeth would be ready in time for the wedding.    It was cutting it close, but Dr Natilia at My Dental is brilliant and I had the braces taken off a week before the wedding. I have a full post coming up on my braces next week on the blog, but for now you can read all about my braces journey here. Wait till you see the before and afters!

IMG_1584The day of the wedding I was so delighted that I had my teeth done, as I was flat out smiling, which is something I would never have done before getting my braces on, as I was so conscious of how bad my teeth were. I can’t even being to explain how delighted I am with my teeth and needless to say, I can’t recommend my dental enough.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 00.55.27Waxing

IMG_1246_2Lets call a spade a spade here. Waxing is an absolute must around your wedding. Between the honeymoon and .. well you know what I mean, it is important to keep your lady garden in tip top shape. Personally I am such a wuss when it comes to waxing, but I was promised that Waxperts wax hurts a lot less then other wax brands.

IMG_1240I went out to the Waxperts salon in Dun Laoighre, where Waxperts owner Ellen Kavanagh did my waxing. I asked her for an extended bikini, but once that was done, I told her to keep going until I could take the pain no more. Ladies hand on heart, it was not that pain full. Ok so no wax is completely pain free, but Waxperts wax was actually manageable, to the point I went for a brazilian!! I know TMI.

I am genuinely delighted to see Waxperts taking the beauty world by storm. Ellen is such a sweet heart and it is so good to see not only and Irish business do well abroad, but also a female led Irish business. There are Waxperts salons all over Ireland and I highly recommend that you give the Waxperts wax a try on your next wax.


IMG_1493_2I was very picky about my tan, as I believe it can make or break a look. The last thing you want, is to look like an Oompa Lumpa beside your not so tanned new husband. I tried out a few tans, some of which were an absolute disaster and finally settled on Vita Libarata.

A week or so before the wedding I had a trial run with the medium shade in the Vita Liberta tan. Thank god I had a trial as I  found that while it would be fabulous for a night out, it was a little too dark for my wedding day.When it came to getting the real thing, I got sprayed with a mix of the light and the medium shade. The salon used a mix of 2 parts  of the light shade 1 part medium. In hindsight I probably should have gone with a 50 50 mix as it was a tiny bit on the light side, but going darker was not a risk I was willing to take.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 01.19.57I found the Vita Liberate tan to be really natural and it didn’t have that obvious fake tan look to it. It also wore off really well too. Not an ounce of patchy tan in sight. The only down side is that when the tan is developing it can feel sticky and it looks really dark. It is not the type of spray tan you can get and then mill about town for a while. This is 100% a tan that needs loose clothes and a night on the couch.

When it comes to bridal tans it is so important that you get a trial run a few weeks before the wedding. The reason for this is, I had decided to go with the St Tropez spray tan and went for a trial. Thank god that I did, as it was the most horrific tan I have ever used. It was orange, patchy and a wore off so badly. It was like it had adhered to my skin. Thankfully I found all of this out before hand.

I got our Vita Liberta spray tan done in Beauty Ninety6 in Blanchardstown. For myself and 3 bridesmaids it cost €96.


On more than one occasion in the run up to the wedding, I felt total pressure about how a bride should look. As most of you will know in 2013 and 2014 I was very sick and I put on 3 stone. Over the past 18 months I lost a total of 2.5 stone. Something that I am very proud of. I lost all my weight through diet and exercise. I am not someone who is into fad diets, so for me slimming world was the easiest and most consistent way of losing my weight. Yes I fell on and off the wagon, but for me slimming world worked because I didn’t have to starve myself.

crossfitAs for exercise, I did two different thing. Firstly from October until early March I went to Crossfit fifteen. Dara in CF 15 is absolutely brilliant and I saw a change in my body very quickly. You can read more about it here. However, the distance was just too much to travel and it was taking 2.5 hours out of my day and as a result I wasn’t going as often as I should have been. In March I decided to join the local gym up the road, and I took my training on myself. 3 days a week I did the Kayla Bikini body guide and on 2 other days I went for a walk. The Bikini body guide is a 30 minute High intensity interval training, that seriously gets you working hard. I found this programme easy to follow, but every challenging, but as it was only 30 minutes it fit into my busy life.


Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 01.11.42When it came to nails, there really was only one place that I was going to go to and that is my local salon Top to Toe. I absolutely love the girls in there. They have been doing my nails for nearly 5 years now and I honestly feel like I am going in to have the chats with a group of friends.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 01.11.49

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 01.11.56To make our wedding prep even more special, Top to Toe’s owner Ruth bought us a bottle of presecco to get us in the celebratory mood. Myself and my bridesmaids were honestly treated so well by  Ruth, Lorraine, Lauren and Amy. It was such a lovely experience before the wedding.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 01.12.07For my nails I went with a full set of Gels with Shellac negligee on top. I wanted something really subtile and this colour was just what I needed. I was delighted with my nails on the day.

You can follow Top to Top here and find all their prices here.


IMG_1404When it came to makeup, I was always going to be a makeup artists worst nightmare. The thing is I know exactly what I like and as I like the way I do my makeup, I found it hard to give over complete control. After a few different trials, I went with Sharleen Collins to do my makeup for the big day. As I wear makeup everyday, there was no way I could go with the natural bridal look. However, at the same time I didn’t want to go with a full on going out makeup look.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.55.08 PMTogether, myself and Sharleen went with flawless skin, with a light contour and loads of highlight. For highlight we used strobe cream, Mac soft and Gentle and the Becca highlighter in Moonstone. On my eyes, we used a mix of Makeup Forever artist shadows with Makeup Geek eyeshadows to create a multitude of warm tones. On my lips I wore Mac soar lip liner, Mac brave lipstick and Mac ample pink lipliner. As I couldn’t give up control completely I did my own foundation. I am just so picky with how I apply my foundation, that I decided to do it myself. I used Mac pro long wear nourishing mixed with a little bit of Mac studio fix fluid. Once I have the photographers pictures back,  I will do a full bridal makeup post.

So that is everything. My bridal preparation ins full. I am hoping I haven’t left anything out, as it all seems like a life time ago. Our wedding day really was the most magical day. Once I get more pictures back I will post a few more for you guys to see.

I also wanted to state that anyone I have mentioned here did not ask me to include them in the post, i was just so delighted with everything that I thought I would share them with you guys. I found it so difficult picking suppliers that hopefully this will help.

If you would like to see a post about wedding prep including dress,flowers, photographers, cake etc leave a comment down below

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    Yes please Sinéad. Give us the lowdown on the rest of the wedding prep. Getting married next year and love hearing about other peoples run up!

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    Where did you get your bridesmaid dresses from..they are fab

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    Everything looks absolutely beautiful, from the dresses to the flowers! I think you should be a Wedding Planner too!!! 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing with your wedding experience and suggestions.
    I would advice next brides to Be You. Surely, eyelashes, bridal hair style etc. will make you to look perfect, but you want to feel like You!
    I want to ask you, Sinead, what’s your favorite shade of lipstick? How can a bride keep her make-up looking fresh throughout the wedding?

    • Sinead K
      Sinead K
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      for a bride mac faux, brave, cream cup or angel. Nars anna is another beaut. A good makeup artist will mean u don’t need to worry about ur makeup during the day, but i had a little bag with me to top up

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