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hair trailIt’s a rare thing, when you find a hairdresser that does exactly what you want, but that is what I found when I went to Lisa Sheppard in Zinc a few weeks ago. As most of you will already know, I am getting married next July. I have recently taken part in a number of trials, to see exactly what look I want for my wedding. Picking the dress has honestly been easier than picking the hair and makeup look that I want and if I’m honest I still haven’t fully decided. It’s breaking my heart. Why do I have to be so indecisive?

PicMonkey CollageWith the dress I bought, I need to wear my hair up, to show off the detail. When I went to Lisa, I had an idea of a look I wanted. I thought that I would like my hair to be relaxed and messy. I didn’t want anything too overly structured, so I showed Lisa a selection off pictures and off she went working her magic. Lisa created exactly what I had in my head. I was delighted. I love when you tell a hairdresser what it is you want, and they do exactly that! However, here is the thing, even though Lisa did a great job on my hair,and I loved the style she created,  I’ve now decided that the style I picked out is just is not me. Don’t get me wrong,  the hair was beautiful, but the more I wore it, the more I though “Sinéad, this just isn’t you”. This is the beauty about trials, you see what style truly suits you.

DSC_2463Ladies, I can’t recommend Lisa enough. She is beyond professional, and really left me feeling at ease, to the point that I have now booked her for my wedding!! Finally I have something ticked off the list. All I have left to book is my makeup! Why not have a peek at Lisa’s tips and tricks for preparing for your wedding.

What tips would you give a bride for picking a hair style for the big day?

Number one rule ….. Be yourself !  If you like to wear your hair down and never wear it up , will you be comfortable ?  I always say that on your wedding day you should look like the best version of yourself not like a different person !!  Get some pictures together, use Pinterest or google images. Try to look at hair the same colour as your own as different styles look different on blonde and brown hair . Then meet with your hairdresser to start preparing the next steps on how to achieve the looks that you like 

How soon before the wedding should a bride think about what style she wants and when should she book the trial?
6 months before I think an initial chat with the hairdresser to discuss what your ideal look would be is a good idea . You don’t need a trial, but you can start to work on a hair plan because 6 months goes very quickly when you start to break it down to 6/8 week blocks !  But for your main trial I think between 2/3 months beforehand is a good idea 

How soon before the wedding should a bride start picking the colour of their hair they want?

This goes back to the 6 month chat , if your desired style needs some texture maybe some highlights or shimmer lights can help .
If  you are thinking of going lighter, this is the time to start, as you can do it more gradually and not cause any damage to your hair . I wouldn’t recommend any dramatic changes . If you don’t like it you may struggle to get the colour right in time .

How soon before the wedding should a bride get their final colour and cut done?

10 days to a week beforehand is fine, but it should only be bare trim or dusting on the ends at this stage your main haircut should be about 4/5 weeks before the wedding . We all like our hair after it settles into a haircut 

Would you suggest a bride gets extensions for her wedding?

Depending on the look you are going for you may need extensions for some volume or to add length .  
If you plan on leaving your hair down it, might be a good idea to even get a half a head of extension as it can help curls to hold better and make up the difference in length when hair is curled . 

Many brides love to wear their hair in curls, but curls often drop. What are your tips for keeping the curls in all day.

If your hair doesn’t hold a curl I’m afraid there is very little us hairdressers can do ! It’s better to pin up if your curls normally drop . A trial will help you determine whether or not to curl and leave your hair down .  
It can be handy to have someone who could maybe freshen the curls up perhaps after dinner before the dancing . Just using a big tongs and a bit of hairspray 

Any other tips for the bride to keep her hair looking pristine throughout the day?
Try not to touch it too much and ensure that when your hairstylist is putting in pins that morning that nothing is tight or pinching . Because after 10 hours what felt a little tight can cause a headache ! 

Completely un hair related a good tip I’ve heard from brides is a change of underwear half way through the day, as the spanx are great for photos, but for dancing you want to be comfortable ! It’s your day make sure you enjoy it !!!

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