Bridal Makeup series: Lauren Cleare Mua

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 13.11.00For the second part in The Beautiful Truth’s Bridal Makeup series, I was asked to be a model for Lauren Cleare, on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics stand at the pro beauty show in the RDS. I was so excited to be taking part in this, as Lauren has been creating quite a name for herself over the last few month’s and I was dying to see how she would work her magic on my mug! Not only that, but my face was included on the Blank Canvas promotional poster. I nearly died when I saw this. I am a massive fan of Blank Canvas brushes. Their eye brushes are more of less the only eye brushes I use, so to get a chance to be a model at their stand, I was like a child at Christmas.

Lauren has worked as a Makeup Arist for the past year, and worked for Illamaqua in the UK, before coming back and settling in Birr Co.Offally. Even though Lauren has only been working in the industry for a short while, her skill and love of what she does, is clearly evident and the fact that she was asked to demo on the Blank Canvas stand along side such heavy weights like Sinéad Cady and Kate Mc Cormack, shows just how valued Lauren is becoming in the makeup world.

Before Lauren started my makeup, she asked me a whole heap of questions of what I liked and don’t like when it comes to my makeup. As I wear makeup everyday, I wanted a glamorous look, without looking too over done. A tall order, but one Lauren filled perfectly. I felt absolutely fab walking around the RDS once my makeup had been done. If only I could do my makeup like this myself!

One thing that really stood out for me while Lauren was doing my makeup, was her attention to skin care and the prep of the skin. This is something I find extremely important, as if the skin isn’t prepped properly, the foundation won’t sit right throughout the day.

IMG_8856Having had two trials now, I am quickly seeing what I like and don’t like when it comes to bridal makeup. I really liked the coverage of the foundation that Lauren gave me, but I defo think I need a more heavy duty concealer under the eyes for my wedding day, as I my dark circles have a tendency to become more obvious as the day progresses. When it comes to eye makeup, I love the shimmery look, but I think I am now leaning to the inclusion of more matte shadows, as I found as the day progresses, shimmery shadows tend to go a little muddy on my oily lids. I loved the colours lauren used, and this is absolutely a look I would consider. I might add a little more to the under eye area and water line.  I am absolutely going to go for a nudey pink lip like Lauren used, and also the gentle contoured look.

IMG_8857I am amazed at how quickly I am coming to the type of look I want for my wedding day, so I would 100% recommend that any bride to be out there gets as many trials as their budget will allow. Do not just get one trial. You won’t know what you like and don’t like from that. You need to see what someone else can do for you.

Lauren was an absolute pleasure to work with and is absolutely someone I would consider for my wedding day.

Picking a makeup artist to do bridal makeup is very difficult. What are your tips for picking a makeup artist to suit each individual bride? Would you suggest a number of trials with different MUA’s before booking your chosen MUA?

I would suggest looking for a make up artist whose style stands out to you as something you really like and would like for your own make up. Don’t just settle for anybody, really look around and think would I like that style on me? All artists have a very obvious style. It isnt to everyone’s taste but others love it. It is totally an individual choice.

How soon before the wedding should a bride book their makeup artist for their big day?

IMG_8868I would advise a year in advance as dates do book up very quickly and many people want the same date.

How soon before the wedding day should a bride have their main trial with their chosen MUA?

I would advise a month before the wedding for the main trial as this is when all the other major details are set like the dress, hair, tan(if wearing) and nails etc. (Yes these are the major details to me)  I would advise having your nails and tan done and your hair trial the day of the make uo trial so you can see how the entire look works together before the big day. Being a month before the wedding you will have a clear vision of what you want and are less likely to change your mind.

Most brides worry about the condition of their skin for their wedding day. Do you have any skincare tips for brides to make sure their skin is in the best condition possible for their big day?

Establish a good skin care routine at least a year prior to the wedding to give the skin time to adjust and improve if needed. I recommend cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday morning and evening. Also depending on the skin type it is good to introduce a serum. For dry skin I recommend Clarins Hyrdaquench serum in the morning and Clarins Double Serum at night. For oily to combination skin Clarins Double Serum at night will do.

Exfoliate twice a week. A favourite of mine is Clarins Gentle Peeling as it is gentle on even the most sensitive skin and non abrasive. A hydrating mask once a week or once every 2 weeks is also good. I am loving Glam Glow Thirsty mud right now. For oily skin try the Clay mask from Glam Glow.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.38.59I would also advise using an eye cream/gel as wedding planning can be stressful and can impact on the eye area causing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Green Angel Eye Gel is very good for each of the above. For irritated eyes L’occitane Pure Shea Butter is great.

One of the biggest concerns for brides regarding their makeup is their foundation. Does the MUA pick the foundations or should a bride find a foundation she is comfortable with and bring it to the trial herself.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 21.58.59I feel that if you have chosen the mua for your big day you have chosen them due to their specific style. They achieve these looks with certain products. If you have chosen the right mua you should be able to trust them to match the foundation perfectly to your skin. Most of the time my brides will go and purchase the foundation I have used as they loved it so much. You should be able to trust your mua to choose the correct products for your skin. Also as muas we are used to working with our own products which we have tried and tested many times. If you bring a foundation we have never used it is new to us and we have not tested it out to see how it works with other products, how long it lasts and what the finish is like. Also we know if our products cause flash back but do not know if yours will until it may be too late. I would suggest making it clear exactly what level of coverage you would like and what finish and trust that we will have the right product for your specifications.

The wedding day is extremely long. What tips do you have for keeping makeup in place all day, especially in hot climates or sweaty days?

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 22.01.52I don’t use a moisturiser under the foundation. I simply use a small amount of Clarins Double serum to flood the skin with hydration and plump it. Sometimes a moisturiser can be too heavy under a foundation and cause it to breakdown much faster. This is not the case with all foundations. Also using a loose mineral foundation over your liquid/cream will give the foundation extra lasting power and set it into place much better. I use Fuschia Mineral Foundation in my kit all the time and love it.
A setting spray can also help like Urban Decay All Nighter. Also a good translucent powder pressed into the skin not buffed or dusted. My favourite is Illamasqua Loose Translucent Powder.

Some brides are worried about looking too made up and unnatural on their wedding day. While brides like myself, who wear makeup everyday are afraid of looking too natural or under done. How do you pick the perfect look to suit a bride?


IMG_8844The wedding make up should reflect the bride. My no.1 rule is a bride should look like herself at her best on her wedding day. If you see my brides they look like themselves but have a wonderful healthy glow. The trick is to ask a lot of questions. I ask so many questions to each bride. How do you like your brows, eyes, lips, what do you not like, how dark is dark etc. All sound like silly questions but are all very important. It is our job to ask the questions and then work on what you tell us. Showing you step by step so you can say yes I love it or no I don’t like it. ALWAYS BE 100% HONEST. Your Mua will thank you for it. At the end I always ask, is there anything you would like to change? If yes then we can adjust it to your liking.

Some brides like to wear their glasses on their wedding day. What tips to you have for eye makeup and lashes for glasses wearers.

The eye make up should be light in the centre so the eyes are not shadowed and can be seen. Dark tones will shadow the eyes giving the look of tired eyes.
I recommend using individual lashes. They wont hit off the lense of the glasses and the length can be easily adjusted to suit each eye.

Most of us Irish ladies have pasty enough skin and would find it difficult to go au natural on our wedding day. What tips would you have for tanning and also stopping the tan transferring onto the dress?

I would recommend having your spray tan done 2 days before the wedding to allow all residue to wash off before the big day. Finding a good anti perspirant is also very important. SURE Maximum Protection is great.

Bright or a nude lip and why?

I generally would say a nude/natural lip simply because a bright/strong lip will require topping up, fixing and when you kiss your groom he will look less than fabulous in your bright red lippy.  A nude lip can wear away without being noticed too much. But it is a personal choice also. Nude doesn’t mean boring!! There is many “Nude” lip looks.

What handbag essentials should a bride have for touch ups throughout the day?

Her lip pencil, lipstick,gloss if used, deodrant, loose powder and lash glue cause you just never know!! The only thing my brides end up using is the lippy but always be prepared.

Do you have any holy grails products for brides?

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 22.42.52Yes. I have a few actually. I cannot do without Clarins Double Serum. Avene Thermal Spring Water soothes and hydrates the skin. And I love MAC Strobe Cream. It has vitamins and gives a beautiful dewy base to your foundation making your skin look radiant.

Do you have any tips for brides on the run up to the wedding including prep for the week and the night before?

Do not use any new products in the 2 week run up to the wedding. You may have a reaction so don’t take the chance. Drink lots of water. Be good with your skin care routine.

Are there a minimum number of people you would travel to makeover for the day, as some brides may only want their own makeup done?

No, not at all. As I work full time as a Clarins Counter manager I just need notice.

What are you bridal packages, how far will you travel and what is the best way for a bride to contact you.

My Bridal Package is €250 per party of 4 and €35 per person after. Includes lashes, full skin care rountine with high end products and full make up application. As I am located in Birr, should it be a considerable distance to travel, then travel expenses would be calculated and added on accordingly. Individual enquiries also welcome. You can contact me through my Facebook page.

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