Bridal makeup series : Nicole Pringle makeup artist. Vintage makeup

For the final part of the bridal makeup series, I went with something a little more different. Vintage makeup is very popular for brides, as it is a classic look that never dates. Nicole Pringle,as well as being a regular Makeup artist, specialises in the Vintage look.Nicole has been working the the makeup industry for many years now, and her artist background shows in her creativity with makeup. Also, not only does Nicole do makeup, but Nicole does hair too, which you can see in the pictures below. Don’t you just love the Victory roll?

Having had three trials now, I have a very clear idea of what I want. I am hoping to incorporate a mixture of all 3 trials. On my eyes I want more of a matte look, with a tiny bit of shimmer on the lid. I want liner, on my top lid, but I don’t want it too heavy. I definitely want some detail on the lower lash line, as I feel that this really defines my eyes. As for my lips, I am thinking I will have a nude/light pink lip during the day and then at night I’m going to bring out the red lipstick. I really loved the Victory roll that Nicole did, so I have a feeling that this might be incorporated into my look. It is amazing how from 3 trials, I can tell quickly what I like and don’t like. Yes this may be costly for people to do, but it is 100% worth doing. Your makeup is as important as the dress, so don’t scrimp.

If it is a Vintage look you are hoping to go for, Nicole is regularly at the Vintage Market in Smithfield, where you can check out her work. You can find details of the dates for the Vintage fairs on Nicole’s Facebook page. Or you can contact her on her Facebook page to book a trial.

Picking a makeup artist to do bridal makeup is very difficult. What are your tips for picking a makeup artist to suit each individual bride?

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 16.29.24When picking a makeup artist for your wedding day, I would suggest asking friends for recommendations. Research their facebook page or website and look at posted images of their work to get a feel for what their style is and whether it’s right for you. When you have found someone you think you may like, book a trial. It is important to find the right makeup artist, someone you feel comfortable talking to and explaining exactly what you want.

Would you suggest a number of trials with different MUA’s before booking your chosen MUA?

DSC_1876I would suggest booking a trial and if you are happy with the look stick with it. Try to book your trial as early in the day as possible for a number of reasons, to see the makeup in natural day light, to make sure it lasts the whole day, and to ask opinion of friends.

If you are happy, book them. If not, either book another trial with the same artist and get them to try something different, or choose another make up artist.

Give yourself at least 6 weeks before the wedding for trials. Depending on time of year, it could be hard to get a booking with the makeup artist of your choice, do your research in plenty of time.

How soon before the wedding should a bride book their makeup artist for their big day?

As soon as you have decided on a date. If you have someone in mind, it’s better to make the booking well in advance to help avoid the disappointment of them not being available .

How soon before the wedding day should a bride have their main trial with their chosen MUA?

I would recommend booking your trial as soon as you can, so you have time to consider other options if the first trial doesn’t work out. Usually aim for 6 weeks before the day.

Most brides worry about the condition of their skin for their wedding day. Do you have any skincare tips for brides to make sure their skin is in the best condition possible for their big day?

I would start getting facials as early on as possible to give your skin the best possible chance to be clear and glowing for the week of your wedding. Get the prep work in straight way. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit & veg, stress and poor diet can play havoc with your skin. Make sure to get your last facial no later than 2 weeks before the big day.

One of the biggest concerns for brides regarding their makeup is their foundation. Does the MUA pick the foundations or should a bride find a foundation she is comfortable with and bring it to the trial herself.

DSC_1926Any good makeup artist should have a good variety of foundations in their kit and will have worked with many different skin types and tones. They should be able to recommend one to suit you, however if you are happy with the performance of your regular foundation then use that. Make sure it is a long wearing formulation to suit your skin type. You should not have to touch up your foundation during the day or night

The wedding day is extremely long. What tips doe you have for keeping makeup in place all day, especially in hot climates or sweaty days?

If the right moisturiser and primer is applied before the foundation and set with powder, the foundation should not budge at all during the day. Also a fixing spray can be a good idea for a sweaty climate. While many foundations these days have SPF in them, they can give a flashback effect in photos so it’s best to avoid these. I would advise to use SPF with your moisturiser instead, that way you should still have a base protection if you will be exposed to the sun.

 Some brides are worried about looking too made up and unnatural on their wedding day. While brides like myself, who wear makeup everyday are afraid of looking too natural or under done. How do you pick the perfect look to suit a bride?

DSC_1888A good makeup artist will listen attentively to what kind of look you prefer, and work to achieve that. If you are unsure, they will give you advise. Remember, bridal makeup is a little different to an evening look. You want to pick a look that can carry you from day to night with few touch-ups.

Some brides like to wear their glasses on their wedding day. What tips to you have for eye makeup and lashes for glasses wearers.

I would recommend going with a full, thick lash effect mascara which give a lovely defined lash, which will be impactful even with glasses on. Lengthening mascara and long false eye lashes should be avoided to prevent them from tipping off the lenses. I would also suggest wearing matte shadows to create a contoured look to the eye this will give more definition. Try to avoid wearing shimmer eye shadows as these reflect too much light and my cause flashback under the lens of the glasses.

Most of us Irish ladies have pasty enough skin and would find it difficult to go au natural on our wedding day. What tips would you have for tanning and also stopping the tan transferring onto the dress?

I would suggest trying different tans a few weeks before the wedding to see which one suits your skin. It’s best to just go 1 to 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Get the tan done 2 days before the wedding, that way it has a day to settle and any residue will be well washed off, ensuring it will not rub off on your dress.

Bright or a nude lip and why?

I think this depends entirely on personal preference. A lip with a little bit of colour brightens the face, and can be seen better in photos. If you like a strong colour lip, use a lip pencil of the same colour underneath a longwearing lipstick to maximize its staying power. Nude lips can look very bare in black and white photography, so you will need to bear that in mind when choosing lip colour. You may want a few classic black and white photos for the album

What handbag essentials should a bride have for touch ups throughout the day?

The bridesmaid should be responsible for the touch-ups ! A lipstick and gloss.

Do you have any holy grails products for brides?

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 16.54.08My holy grails products for brides would be:A good primer, I have recently discovered Topshop Airbrush Primer, works great with any foundations I use and reduces any redness instantly. Touché Eclat, it’s an old reliable. Laura Mericer liquid liner (if using liner of course) it is bullet proof, never mind tear proof! Santhilea Magnetic Lash, it creates a much longer, more natural looking lash than false lashes, I swear by it and I use it for any makeup look. Rescue remedy ! I think it is essential for the morning of a wedding as tensions and nerves are running high.

Do you have any tips for brides on the run up to the wedding including prep for the week and the night before?

DSC_1908My best advice would be to stick with the skin care routine you are used to, and that works for you. The week before your wedding is not the time to start trying any new skincare products, just in case!

Try to get plenty of rest, calm, exercise and lots of water. LOTS! Even an extra glass or 2 will make a difference to your skin.

Are there a minimum number of people you would travel to makeover for the day, as some brides may only want their own makeup done?

No minimum. I would just factor in mileage for any long distances.

What are you bridal packages, how far will you travel and what is the best way for a bride to contact you.

I will usually discuss prices and milage with the bride over the first initial phone call or at the makeup trial. I can be contacted through my facebook page @

Private message me or by email @

Guideline Prices are as follows:

€60 for a Trial

€100 for the bride

€50 per bridesmaid, €50 mother of the bride. Discounts are negotiable for groups over 5.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 16.27.07

Product List

Base :

Primer – Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

Foundation – Laura Mercier Cream Skin Foundation – Vanilla Beige

Touche Eclat

Set with Bare Minerals, Mineral Finish

Contour /Blush /Highlight – Sleek Contour palette in Fair

Highlight Tops of cheek bones , brow bone & Cupids bow , Makeup forever Compact Shine on in shade no.3

Eyes :

Sleek palette Vintage for base

Naked palette 1 , Naked for crease and also buck to create sharpe cut crease

Virgin and Sin on inner corners and brow bone.

Liner – Laura Mercier Cream Liner in Noir

Brows – Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz in Brunette & clear brow wax

Lips :

Liner Rimmel red dynamite all over lips

Lipstick Clinique Limited edition shade Flamenco

Highlighter on cupids bow – Makeup for ever compact shine on.

NYX – Setting spay to finish (optional)

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