Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow gel review

Cailyn Gelux EyebrowWhen it comes to my eyebrows, I am very picky as to what I use. The last thing I want, is to look like I have two pieces of black tape for brows! For me less is always more when it comes to brows and as a result I am a big fan of a good brow pencil, but sometimes, something a little bit stronger is needed. Enter the Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow gel

Cailyn Gelux EyebrowBrow Gel is a product that, when used correctly can give a fabulously sculpted brow. When used with a heavy hand however, it can give a rather full on scouse brow appearance. This may work for some people, but the heavy brow look just isn’t for me. Yet, here is the thing. Since I have started blogging, I have come to realise that not all brow gels are created equal and finding one that is not only is a good match colour wise, but is long wearing, ashy in colour and won’t clump on your brows can be somewhat difficult to find.

The Cailyn  Gelux Eyebrow has been in my stash for quite a while now and yet for whatever reason I am not sure, I hadn’t actually picked it up to use until recently. With such a high volume of products to try out, sometimes products get overlooked when rummaging through my collection. It wasn’t until my usual brow gel dried up that I decided to give the Cailyn  Gelux eyebrow a spin and since then, I haven’t used anything else on my brows.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 20.30.40The Gelux eyebrow is available in four shades. Hazelnut, Cocoa, Oak and espresso. I have been using the shade Cocoa and while my initial impression was it was a little on the dark side for me, I soon realised that less is more with this product and the colour is actually perfect for my colouring.

Cailyn Gelux EyebrowThe texture of the Gelux eyebrow is rather unusual and really like nothing I have tried before. While it is along the lines of the Anastasia Dipbrow pomade and the Inglot brow gel, I find that the Gelux is actually easier to use as it has somewhat of a more waxy consistency to it. As a result of the texture, I find that it has a little more give and is more forgiving when applied to the brow. Sometimes with brow product they can slide on too quickly, leaving you with either a badly shaped brow, too much product or both, but with the Gelux, I find that I can shape my brows rather easily.

Cailyn Gelux EyebrowOf course application also comes down to the tool that you’re using to apply the product and while the Cailyn  Gelux eyebrow comes with a brush attached to it, personally I prefer to use my own brush. I use either the Powder n Pout eyebrow brush or my Buff and blend brush. Both are perfect for getting the sculpted brow look.

Cailyn Gelux EyebrowTo avoid the scouse brow look, I personally barely touch the product with my brush, as it is very pigmented and a little honestly goes a long way. In my opinion, you’re better off using a very small amount of product and building to your desired colour, rather than lashing on a pile of product and trying to pull back.

Cailyn Gelux EyebrowOverall, I must admit I am really loving the Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow gel. I really like the look of the brow when sculpted with the gel. You can find a full list of stockists here or buy it from Meaghers Pharmacy here and if you use the code beautifultruth at the checkout, you will get 10% off. ( this is not an affiliate link, just a discount code that Meaghers Pharmacy gave my readers)

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    Tracy sheehan
    August 8, 2016 at 11:01 pm

    I’m getting a little annoyed with how quickly my inglot brow gel dries up so might try this one next 👍

    • Sinead K
      Sinead K
      August 9, 2016 at 7:53 pm

      it does dry up very fast. i find a lot of products do that lately

  • Reply
    August 26, 2016 at 10:46 am

    I bought this after your review, got the colour Oak and I love it!!! Its much nicer than inglot or even anastasia beverly hills! Thanks for recommendation!

  • Reply
    August 30, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    Looks great. Think I saw that brand in Sam McCauleys ..

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