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Bridal Beauty Preparation

Over the past several weeks, quite a number of you have sent me messages asking could I detail what beauty preparation I did in the run up to the wedding. So many people find that the world of beauty throws so much at them in the run up to their big day, that they don’t know what treatments would actually benefit them the most. There is so many treatments out there, and to be fair while there are many wonderful treatments, there are many that are just looking to capitalise on the bridal market. Every woman wants to look her best at all times, but when it comes to your…

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Fitting into “THE” dress

Every bride knows the struggle of fitting into THE dress. I don’t know why we do it, but we will ourselves to be thinner than we have ever been in our lives for the day we walk up the aisle. From an early age, most of us have imagined the moment when the first chords of the wedding march ring out from the keyboard and we glide up the aisle, arm in arm with our father, to marry the man of our dreams. For some, the longed for wedding body comes easily. While the rest of us have a much longer journey to travel, to fit into our dream dress.…

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A very Special year

I’m not normally one for the personal posts, but considering the year I’ve had, I think that somethings are worth looking back on. Every year brings it’s own ups and downs, but this year has been a fairly spectacular one. 2014 started out on a pretty bum note, as I was still unwell, and faced into another stint in hospital. However, as clichéd as it sounds, what doesn’t  kill you makes you stronger, and I can honestly say this year has brought about some really amazing things. I finally got the all clear health wise. The blog has gone from strength to strength thanks to you guys and I was not only…


15 reasons why being a girl at the gym is hard

During  my Crossfit journey with Crossfit Fifteen, a few things became apparent. It is hard work being a girl at the gym! Check out my top 15 reasons why being a girl at the gym is not easy. 1. Boobs getting in the way of every single type of exercise Boobs get in the way of everything. Not only do you require an industrial strength bra, to stop giving yourself two black eyes, but no matter what you do boobs always end up getting  in the way. Every time I try and do any type of exercise that requires lying face down on the floor, I end up giving up after a…

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Diary of a Crossfit newbie

It is a bit of an oddity, that I am writing a fitness post. I am most certainly not a gym bunny, nor do I regularly take part in any form of exercise. In fact the height of my exercise for almost 2 years, has been the odd stroll around the Phoenix park to try and help shift a few pounds. Exercise is honestly just not my thing. Makeup and lounging on the couch with the laptop are my thing. I most certainly never thought that I would find myself back in a gym, never mind a Crossfit gym. To me Crossfit is a massively scary gym, full of  muscly men…