Budget buys Hair

Revlon professional Nutri colour creme

I love the feeling when you just come out of the hairdressers with your tresses freshly coloured. Your hair shines like it has it’s own personal lighting studio and the colour just looks fresh and vibrant. Fast forward 3-4 weeks later, when the shine is gone and half the colour has washed down the drain. The last thing you want to be doing every 2 months is forking out €80+ to get your hair coloured. The Revlon colour creme or colour bomb/balls as it is also known, is perfect for giving your hair new life between hairdresser visits. This is not as such a home colouring product and it contains…


Perfect party hair – How to get big hair

I don’t know about you, but I believe there is no such thing as hair that is too big. I love wearing my hair high with a loose curl at the end. Follow this step by step guide to getting big wavy hair and you won’t got wrong. Step 1 Wash your hair and dry it until it is almost dry. Leave your hair a little bit damp. Step 2 Section your hair off and put your rollers in. You don’t have to use sleep in rollers . Sometimes I use heated rollers but I prefer the bounce from the sleep in rollers. Step 3 Blast your hair with the hair…


Yee-Haw. Giddy up!

    I have always been blessed with good hair. Thank god. I have never had a problem with dry ends or snapping hair. That is until I got a bad colour 2 years ago. I went to a local salon up beside my mothers house, which I had been going to for a while, to get an all over colour. I had decided, that as it was winter I would go slightly darker. I picked the colour out and it was going to be gorgeous. That was until the hairdresser left the colour on for too long and when she washed it and dried it, my hair was Morticia…