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Hit, Miss and Maybe : Foundations

The hunt for the holy grail foundation is an on going battle for many women. With so many different foundations on the market it is hard knowing what will and won’t suit your skin. More so than with any other beauty product, what foundation works for one person, might be a nightmare for another. Which makes the hunt even harder, as recommendations don’t always work out! With that in mind, I think it is important to say that the misses that I have included in this post, while I really didn’t like them, they may be holy grail for others and vice versa for my hits.  I personally have combination…

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Blogger mail: The good, the bad and the ugly

As a blogger, I am fortunate enough to try out a lot of new products every month. Somethings I love, some a bit meh and others are just not great at all. With so much product coming through the door, I don’t always find the time to write individual blog posts reviewing everything I get. In fact at the moment I am finding it hard to get more than one post a week up! So to try and tell you about as much new makeup bits as possible, I have decided to write a new monthly series. Each month, I am going to write a post telling you about a number…

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Hit, miss and maybe : Eyeshadow palettes

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I have a serious problem. When I see a new palette release, there is like a switch goes off inside me and I am not right until I buy it! It is actually an illness! As a result, I am very picky as to what I want from a palette. For me, if a palette is to be a hit, it must have a good selection of colours that you can create a number of looks from. There is nothing worse than having a palette where the shadows just don’t work all that well together. Secondly, the shadows must be easy to work with.…

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Hit, Miss, Maybe : Highlighters

It seems that every week there is a new highlighter hitting the market. A new must have the product to achieve the glow you’ve longed for. A highlighter that will give you enough glow to be seen from space. If you’re like me and a little obsessed with highlighters, then it is very easy to get caught up in the hype that surrounds every new release. To make your decision a little easier when it comes to picking a new highlighter, I have put together my hits, misses and maybes. I know there are some obvious choices included, but there are a few controversial ones too!! Hits Becca Champagne Pop…

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Hit, Miss or Maybe : Concealers

As someone who has quite dark circles, I am incredibly hard and picky on the concealers I use. My concealer needs to not only cover my dark circles, but they must be comfortable, long wearing and above all they must not settle in my fine lines! Often with a concealer you can get a feel for how good it is on first use. However, some concealers need a little TLC on application, as not all concealer apply and work the same way. For todays post I am going to put some much loved concealers to the test. Some concealers that I love, will be ones others hate. While I know…