New Makeup storage without leaving the house

Are you fed up with buying candles in glass jars and throwing them out? Well that can all stop now. Did you know these jars can be used again for a number of different ways to brighten up your home. So let me show you how. First job, is to get the residue wax out of the bottom of the jar and this couldn’t be simpler.  If you have a microwave pop the old wick out of the candle, then pop the jar into the microwave. I would keep this at a low heat so that the wax doesn’t actually melt to a liquid but just gets soft enough to…

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I need my beauty sleep

So this blog is half interiors/half beauty. For a long time now I have been seeing silk pillowcases on show at trade fairs, in suppliers showrooms at expos etc. To a large extent I have ignored them as they kind of freaked me out a little. The thoughts that go through my head when thinking of sleeping on silk ranged from ‘will my head simply slip or slide off the pillow’ to ‘ what if I drool in the middle of the night and wake up with stains on my pillowcase morto…’ . On a recent trip out and about I came across silk pillowcases in Homestore and More, these…


Interiors with Susie: Curtain, Curtains, Curtains

The most important thing to remember when hanging curtains is to make sure once finished that the pole bracket on either side of the pole attaching the pole to the wall cannot be seen!       Eyelet Curtains 1.) Eyelet curtains are suitable for pole use only. The eyelet rings will fit with ease onto the curtain pole.   2.) Holding the curtain with the face of the fabric towards you, fold the first eyelet away from you and thread the eyelet onto the curtain pole.   3.) When you close the curtains, you should position the first eyelet on the outside edge of the pole bracket. This will…


Upcycling Old Gems

Have you old pieces of furniture in the attic or in the garage which you love too much to throw away but have no place for them currently in your home? If so you need to invest in some Annie Sloan chalk paints. These are quite simply my favourite find of the last year! Chalk paint is simple to work with and needs little to no preparation. It can be used for indoor and outdoor pieces and (as I’ve been told) on any surface be it metal, wood, plastic you name it. I so far have only used chalk paint on wooden surfaces and it has turned out fantastic every time.…


Would you like to sleep in a Chanel room?

Karl Lagerfeld has signed a deal to help design a 270-room hotel in Macau, southern China. The face of Chanel will design the hotel in 19th century/modern style.   Gabriella Chanel always said ‘I only make dresses I would wear.’ Karl Lagerfeld says ‘I make only rooms where I would like to sleep.’   The 20-storey tower is set to open in 2017 and will also include a Versace-themed hotel.  …


The Beautiful truth Interiors – Gallery wall

Hi all, thanks for clicking onto The Beautiful Truth and taking a moment out of your day to read this blog.   I am a first time blogger and delighted to join the team but if I am honest, I am a little bit nervous about this. I hope my blogs will be informative and offer some inspiration to everyone reading. I am not sure what the best angle is to take and what people would be most interested in seeing me write about, so if you have any suggestions I would be more than delighted to take them on board!   So here it goes my first blog… I thought I’d write…