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Blogger mail: The good, the bad and the ugly

As a blogger, I am fortunate enough to try out a lot of new products every month. Somethings I love, some a bit meh and others are just not great at all. With so much product coming through the door, I don’t always find the time to write individual blog posts reviewing everything I get. In fact at the moment I am finding it hard to get more than one post a week up! So to try and tell you about as much new makeup bits as possible, I have decided to write a new monthly series. Each month, I am going to write a post telling you about a number…

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Look Good, Feel Better: The Bigger Picture to Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Guest Contributor: Noel Flynn from ABC GYM This is going to be a hard read for some. Why? Because it might not give the answers you want to hear or even care about. Your health, your fitness are one thing but your relationship with food is almost a mirror of how you are coping in your personal life. But first the bigger picture. I want it to be clear, I am a Strength and Conditioning coach where my primary training is based around athletic performance, injury and pain reduction while building strength and fitness. I am not a dietician, I am not even going to give myself the label of nutrition coach which along…