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New Autumn releases from Mac

The Autumn is by far my favourite time of the year. As a teacher, I see September as the start of a new year, rather than January. For me, September is all about fresh starts, new clothes and of course the Autumn beauty releases. At this time of year I am ready to leave behind the pink lips and barely there makeup and instead I am ready to embrace bold plum toned lips and a slightly more intense makeup look. This September Mac have really ramped up their new collection releases with both permanent and Limited Edition releases. As Mac collections have a tendency to fly off the shelves quickly,…

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Mac must haves

Have you ever gone into a Mac store and wanted to make a purchase but been completely overwhelmed by all the products? With so many products to pick from, it is hard to know exactly what is worth parting with your cash for. To help you treat yourself to something special, I have picked out my top 5 products. I didn’t include any lipsticks or eyeshadows, as to be honest, they deserve a whole post to themselves, there are just so many good ones. I promise to get one of those up soon!! Mac Fix + As you can see from my almost empty bottle, Mac Fix + is a…

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Mac blusher haul

With the winter fast approaching, it is time to bring a little colour into our lives and embrace glowy cheeks for the cold days ahead. When it comes to blushers, I have many favourites, but right up there at the top is Mac blushers. Yes I know, I am a more than a little bit of a Mac fan girl, but sure what harm. When buying blushers from Mac, I strongly suggest that you ditch buying blushers in the packaging and instead opt for the pan format. The reason being a regular blusher in packaging costs €24 compared to the blusher in the pan at €20. Not only that, blushers in the…

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Bridal Beauty Preparation

Over the past several weeks, quite a number of you have sent me messages asking could I detail what beauty preparation I did in the run up to the wedding. So many people find that the world of beauty throws so much at them in the run up to their big day, that they don’t know what treatments would actually benefit them the most. There is so many treatments out there, and to be fair while there are many wonderful treatments, there are many that are just looking to capitalise on the bridal market. Every woman wants to look her best at all times, but when it comes to your…

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Mac mineralise skin finish Natural in Give Me Sun

A few weeks ago, my sister treated me to a makeover in Mac Galway for my hen party. As some of you may be aware, when you get your makeup done in Mac, the cost of the makeover is redeemable in product. I went for a full makeover, so that meant that I was able to pick out €50 worth of product. Sure no bother to me. I mean let’s call a spade a spade, I could have easily picked out 5 times that amount of product. I picked out Mac Mineralise skin finish natural in Give me Sun and the lipstick Viva Glam II. Give me Sun is described…