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Brand Spotlight : Benefit Cosmetics

I’ve decided that it is about time I started a new blog series on The Beautiful Truth. For the next few weeks/months, I am going to focus on my favourite products from different brands. I will also throw in a clanger or two if there are items I am not overly fond of by a particular brand. For my first brand spotlight, I have decided to take a look at some products from Benefit cosmetics. Benefit is a brand that I have actually never featured on the blog. If I am honest, for a very long time, I thought Benefit was extremely over priced for what it was. I think this sentiment…


Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara

When it comes to mascara, I am pretty brutal. I expect a lot from my mascara and even more if it is an expensive one. With so many mascaras on the market you want to make sure if you’re splashing your cash, that you are getting your moneys worth. A few months ago I received the Eye of Hours Goddess Mascara to try out and after a few uses, I stopped using it, as I wasn’t overly impressed with the look I achieved from using it. With so many products to try out, I often find that if a product doesn’t impress me after a few uses, I tend to…


W3ll People Expressionist Mascara

When it comes to mascaras, I am very picky. When it comes to more high end mascaras I am incredibly picky. Money is too hard earned and far too easily spent, so when you’re splashing out on a mascara you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.To get them most from a mascara, for me a mascara must give excellent length, while at the same time giving some volume. W3ll people is  a brand that I haven’t heard about before and to be honest, I didn’t  hold out much hope when I heard it was an all natural brand. For the most part, natural mascaras don’t tend to…


Essence I love Extreme Volume waterproof mascara

It is not often that I am blown away by something at first use, but the I love Extreme volume mascara, quite literally had me oohing and awing at how fantastic it is! I honestly don’t know what is happening to me, but over the last few weeks, I have found so many amazing budget products and so many of my high end bits have been left sitting in the drawer! If you’re a fan of super long voluminous lashes, then this is the mascara for you.  This is a super black mascara, that seems to coat each lash individually. I don’t think the picture is doing the lashes justice…


Mac Extended Play GigaBlack lash mascara

Those of you reading the blog for a while now will know that I am a rather big fan of Mac and even that is putting my love for Mac lightly. However, as much as I love all things Mac, I have always avoided their mascaras for no reason at all, apart from the fact I really heard anything about them. Mac are famous for many outstanding products, but it seems their mascaras don’t take their place in the same limelight. Over the past few weeks I have been trailing a number of mascaras from Mac and the Mac Extended Play Gigablack lash mascara has been an absolute standout for…