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The USA shopping list

With so many of you lovely lot heading off to the States in the coming weeks and months, this is by far my most requested post I have had in a long time and even…

wishlist wishlists

My Christmas Wishlist

My family have been pestering me for the last few weeks to give them an idea of what I would like for Christmas. For the last few weeks I have been slowly whittling down my…

wishlist wishlists

USA Wishlist

This time next week, I will be sipping drinks at the side of the pool in sunny Florida. I actually can’t wait. Sunshine and shopping for nearly 3 weeks. What better way is there to…

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February Wishlist

There are so many new beauty releases happening in the coming weeks. Every time I log onto Twitter, there is another new launch, ready to tempt the money out of my wallet. While at the…

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December wish list

This is probably the most important wish list of the year. It will be the one everyone looks at to buy my presents. I am actually so excited for Christmas this year. After a year…