Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer. The answer to your grey hair and bad roots problem?

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.02.42We have all been there, we look in the mirror and our roots or grey hair is just jumping out at us, screaming “colour me you lazy thing”. As much as we would love to get another few weeks out of our colour, before having to return to the hairdressers, we know that the roots or grey hair is just too bad and you can no longer face appearing in public with your hair in an absolute state. You just need something to get you through the next few weeks until you have the cash to get your colour done.

As I have dark hair, I found I could get 3-4 months out of a colour before my roots had to be done. In fact for years, most of the time the reason I went to get my colour done, was to freshen up the colour rather than cover my roots. Sadly over the last year I have discovered that this is not longer the case. As much as I want to bury my head in the sand and deny it, I am getting grey hair. The absolute horror of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a badger strip just yet, but rather salt and pepper strands speckled throughout my hair. A few weeks ago I brought my mirror to the window to pluck my brows and when I bent my head down, I caught sight of the top of my head in the mirror. Sweet baby jesus I nearly died. Who was this aul wan looking back at me. It was no longer one or two speckles, but a lot of grey knocking about. I was devastated. I didn’t have the cash to get my colour done and we had our engagement party that weekend.

DSC_1483As a result I found myself, wandering the aisle of Boots, looking for a non permanent answer to my greying problem.I came across the Charles Worthing instant root concealer and decided that this was going to be the answer to my prayers. It came in four colours, light blonde, dark blonde, light brown and dark brown. There was no tester open, but I took a chance with dark brown and this was a perfect match for my hair.

DSC_1489The colour is dispersed through a small nozzle onto the head. While it is great for spraying on large areas, if you have any areas around the temple or forehead, the nozzle is far too big and inaccurate to cover these areas. I tried to spray some on my temples and ended up with colour all over the side of my face. It wasn’t easy to remove either and it took a good scrub with a few makeup wipes to remove the dark colour from my face.

While the spray did cover up my roots and grey hairs, sadly there was too many other problems with it that I just couldn’t over look.

Once I had applied this temporary colour, it left my hair feeling, heavy, greasy, sticky, and completely flat. Not only that, once applied the colour transferred onto my hands if I touched off my hair. I spayed this on my hair before I went out for dinner and I felt my hair looked and felt absolutely horrendous. Worse than it every would have looked with a few grey hairs and dodgy roots. I don’t actually have any pictures of how this spray works, as I couldn’t face putting it anywhere next or near my hair again.

If you are looking for something to just cover up your grey or roots, and don’t mind how your hair feels. Then this will work for you. I however can’t recommend this at all. I find it too hard to look by how awful my hair felt. You can buy them in Boots for €12.99

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    January 22, 2015 at 11:41 am

    Totally agree! I hate this stuff. Ended up having to wash it out as hair was left tacky. Sticking with Color Wow which is brilliant.

    • Sinead K
      Sinead K
      January 22, 2015 at 12:28 pm

      the colour wow is amazing!!!!

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    June Adamthwaite
    May 7, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    I tried Worthingtons Instant Root Concealer and it did cover the grey roots. However the morning after using it the pillowslip was covered in it. I contacted Worthingtons Help line and the girl said that there is a warning not to use on absorbent surfaces.
    I had assumed this meant when spraying and that it would be ok when dry. So I asked if that meant I should wash it out every day and she said yes. I said this defeated the object as the more the hair is washed more of the colour is washed out. It also leaves quite a sticky residue. I certainly won’t be wasting £9.99 again on this product.

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    Roie woolrich
    February 19, 2016 at 7:21 am

    This stuff is terrible. Tried 2 different colours and neither worked. In fact my husband asked me why my scalp was GREEN! And he never notices anything. EVERPRO ROOT CONCEALER is far better product. Even my hairdresser was amazed. But it’s sold out in Austrialia. Good reason to visit Usa

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