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Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 22.48.18This post comes with a warning. Unless you have serious will power, read no further. As everything featured in this post, you are going want. So without further a do, let me introduce you to the latest luxury brand in the newly revamped Brown Thomas beauty hall, Charlotte Tilbury.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 23.18.59With over 20 years in the beauty industry, and a client list that includes, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Penelope Cruise, Charlotte knows what women want and has created a range of beautiful products to help every woman create the perfect look to feel like a superstar. Last September, Charlotte Tilbury launched her own beauty brand into Selfridges in London and Birmingham and it has now finally launched in the opulent surroundings in the Brown Thomas Beauty hall.

DSC_1001The Charlotte Tilbury range contains products that would make your knees tremble with their beauty. With everything from Skin care, to lipsticks and every thing in between, the Charlotte Tilbury range has created a real stir in the beauty world and has many the beauty junkie, willingly handing over their credit cards in their droves. This really is a range you need to see.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 22.46.59 At the core of this collection is the 10 makeup looks known as the ” Tilbury Transformation” .Charlotte has created 10 different looks, so that every woman can find the perfect look to suit every occasion. With natural looks such as The Ingenue, right the way up to the sultry Rebel, these looks will certainly turn heads.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 22.47.07Each look is built around an eyeshadow palette with the same name. I was instantly drawn to The Vintage Vamp palette, and when you take one look at it, it is not hard to see why. This palette is so beautiful it would literally bring a tear to a glass eye. I mean look at it! The palette is colour coded to show you were to apply each of the colours, so that you can recreate your chosen look at home. While the price tag of €50 might make a few of you gasp, I dare you to swatch it and not want to buy a palette in all ten looks. Once I have had a chance to road tested the Vintage Vamp I will post a full review.


DSC_0950Having spent some time trying out the different products at the Charlotte Tilbury counter, there are literally so many products that I am dying to get my hands on, but at the very top of my list are the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt and Highlight Palette and the colour chameleon eyeshadow pencils.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 23.25.03The Filmstar Bronze & Glow is literally everything you could want and more, to carve out cheekbones to rival a greek goddess. This palette contains a matte bronzer for sculpting and the most beautiful highlighter to give your face a beautiful glow. Not only that, but it comes in  the most gorgeous art deco gold case. Oh be still my beating heart. The only thing stopping me from running straight to Brown Thomas, is the €65 price tag, and the fact that pay day isn’t for another few days!

colour cThe colour chameleon eyeshadow pencils are like nothing I have ever tried before, not only are the creamy pigmented and extremely long lasting, but they are categorised in groups, to suit each eye colour. I mean Charlotte has just made everything about this range so easy to use. I am particularly taken with both Amber haze and Dark Pearl and at €25 each, I have a feeling that at least one of these will be a pay day treat.


If you find yourself in the vicinity of Grafton street, treat yourself to a feast for the eyes at the Charlotte Tilbury stand and if you do buy something, post it to the Beautiful Truth Facebook page so I can drool with envy. You can check out the full Charlotte Tilbury range here.



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