Christmas glittery nails from Jessica

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitz and glamour at this time of year. I love a bit of sparkle me. I am like a magpie when it comes to the stuff. When I received these two little beauties to try out I was more than a little excited.

The pink nail varnish, called Ruff and ready is part of the Effects – The Touch collection. This collection is made up of 6 different textured matte nail varnishes. There are 3 solid matte colours and 3 glittery matte colours. mmmmmm glitter. The colours include Give me goosebumps, which is a dense glittery purple, Excite Me a matte mid purple colour, White Hot  a Matte White,  Touch It a Dense gold glitter, Chill Down Your Spine a Matte candy pink and finally Ruff & Ready a Dense pink glitter. 

Ruff and ready is such a fab nail varnish. I am absolutely brutal at putting on nail varnish but the brush made the application easy and quick.There was no little mess around the edges when putting this on.  I only applied one coat, as the coverage is so good you don’t need more. It takes about 4 minutes to dry fully but you can speed this up using a top coat. However, if you do want to do another coat, make sure that you give yourself time for it to dry fully, as I made this mistake rushing out the door last week. I am very hard on my nails and I  just most nail varnishes within a few hours. With Ruff and ready I got at least 2-3 days before it began chipping. This is unheard of with my nails.  It also comes off easier than other glitter nail polishes. It does need a little bit more work than normal to get it off but not much. So don’t be stressing that it will be stuck on your nails for days like glitter polishes you have tried before.

 Next up was Bling in Black which is part of the Effects glitzy collection. There are 6 glittery varnishes that include chunky glitters, mirrored sequins, and holographic sparkles and can be worn on their own or as I have done, over another varnish. To me these nail varnishes are Christmas in a bottle. Especially the red one called Sizzle.  It is divine. The colours include Razzle Dazzle an Electric Blue Sequinned Glitter with Holographic Strands,  Sizzle a Ruby Red Sequinned Glitter, Sparkles a holographic glitter, Star Spangles an electric Blue and Ruby Red Sequinned Glitter, Glam It Up a Midnight Blue and Purple Sequinned Glitter and finally Bling In Black a Monochrome Polka Dots.

My first impression of this was I wasn’t that gone on this stuff and even though it looked great it took forever to dry. Well here’s the thing. First impressions can be wrong. I was messing about with a bit more today and read a bit about it online and I found out I had been putting it on wrong. I was trying to cover every bit of the nail in black and this is not what this is for. It is so much nicer when it is speckled over the nail. It dries much quicker when done like that and gives a really nice effect. I am going to try it over a red polish over Christmas and put it on every nail rather than just the ring finger. I have found loads of cool nail art on Pinterest that was created with these and I can’t wait to try it out now that I know how to use it properly.
If you are looking for a different type of nail look for over Christmas I would highly recommend these . You can buy The Touch collection here. Each nail varnish retails for €12.95.
Have any of you ever tried Jessica products before?


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