Clinique Sculptionary cheek contouring palette.

DSC_3989Considering the amount of makeup I own, I find it astounding that this is my very first item from Clinique’s makeup range. I have tried out their skin care products before and liked them, but for some reason or other, I have never taken the plunge with their makeup. I recently received a voucher for Debenhams and decided to take the plunge and buy the Clinque Sculptionary cheek contouring palette.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 20.47.29The Clinique Sculptionary cheek contouring palette comes in four different colours. Defining Nectars, Defining Roses, Defining Nudes and the one I bought, Defining Berries. When I swatched all of them in the shop, it seemed to me that the most pigmented and one that suited my skin tone the most was defining Berries, but the others did look pretty too.

DSC_3995Each palette has a trio of complimentary shades for sculpting out the cheekbones. There is a colour for highlight, the deepest shade for contouring and and a colour shade.  Each colour can be used separately, or swirled together for a bit of a shimmery colour. While it says that you can use each colour on their own,  I found it very difficult to use each colour individually and ended up just swirling my brush around all of the colours, to give a shimmery wash of colour.

While the powders are smooth , and looked pigmented when swatched, I found that the pigmentation didn’t transfer to the cheeks very well and what did apply just didn’t do anything for me. I felt that the colour looked a little flat on the skin. I am inclined to say that the problem lay with the colour I picked, rather than the product itself, as I think that defining nudes looks a little better in the reviews I have read online. Just because the colour didn’t do anything for me, is not to say that it won’t suit someone else.

IMG_5262When I bought this palette, the sales assistant pitched it to me as more of a blusher than a contouring product and showed me how that the best way to use it, was to swirl your brush from the darkest colour into the lightest colour. Clinique are promoting this palette as a conouring palette and to be honest, I just don’t understand how this is being marketed as a contouring palette at all!! Unless you use tiny brushes, each colour is just too small to pick out an individual colour onto your brush.

Over all The Clinique Sculptionary cheek contouring palette is a bit of a miss for me. While it is grand as a blusher, it really is nothing to write home about, and certainly not worth the €36 price tag. If you happen to like the colours on your skin tone, then this would make a fine blusher for you, but in my opinion, you’re money would be better spent on a Mac or Nars blusher. As for the idea that this is a contouring palette. Maybe the nude palette would work better to contour, but the Defining Berries is not a contouring palette at all in my eyes.

I would love to know if you have tried this palette and how you got on with it.



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